Public Safety

The New First Responder Crisis: Not Enough Dispatchers

COMMENTARY | What can governments do to recruit and keep the “first” first responders?


How Cities and States Can Stop the Incentive Madness

Economist Timothy Bartik explains why the public costs of tax incentives often outweigh the benefits, and describes a model business-incentive package.

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Network Technologies Transforming State & Local Public Safety

Learn how first responder agencies are finding success using LTE networking solutions at the station and in the field.


The Way America Votes Is Broken. In One Rural County, a Nonprofit Showed a Way Forward.

In Mississippi last week, a seamless performance by a new set of voting machines took place amid widespread anxiety about election integrity.

Health & Human Services

Ohio Considering Opposing Bills on Abortion Reversal

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Legislation to stop phone scams in Georgia … New York to establish first veterans cemetery … Socialist Seattle City Council member prevails despite Amazon opposition.

Health & Human Services

In the One State that Tested the Census, Concerns About Reaching Hard-to-Count Residents

The census deployed the only end-to-end test for the 2020 census in Rhode Island. But it didn’t assess efforts to reach communities of people who could be hesitant to participate, something local leaders are now trying to figure out.

Public Safety

A City Could Wipe Away 55,000 Old Warrants

More than 44,000 people in New Orleans have warrants for traffic violations and what advocates call “crimes of poverty.” City leaders say the system needs to be overhauled.


State Attorneys General Take On National Fights

A new kind of state attorney general is rising to prominence nationwide.


D.C.’s Hard Road to Safer Streets

As the District lagged on its Vision Zero goals, bike and pedestrian advocates in Washington turned traffic fatalities into a rallying cry, and got results.

Health & Human Services

Tobacco Flavor Bans Multiply, But Menthol Continues to Divide

The flavor bans that are currently sweeping the country have more to do with e-cigarettes than menthol cigarettes.

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Texas Will Use State Land for Homeless Camp

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Border mayors convene in San Diego … Virginia governor announces tech talent pipeline … Idaho governor asks state agencies to cut budgets.

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IT Consolidation - What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

IT consolidation has been a high-priority government and education initiative for many years.


A State Braces for Major Transportation Funding Cuts As Ballot Measure Nears Passage

Seattle area officials are vowing to sue over the Washington state initiative, which seeks to limit vehicle registration fees to $30 and impose new restrictions on taxes.


In Most States, Child Marriage is Legal. Some Legislators Are Trying to Change That

Several state legislatures have pending bills that would set a mandatory minimum age of 18 for anyone to get married.

Tech & Data

Where Tech Companies Spent Millions in Municipal Elections—and Lost

Amazon contributed more than a million dollars to a pro-business PAC in Seattle city council races. But that wasn’t the biggest tech spend in local elections.


The Deferred Dream of an Equal Rights Amendment

Newly empowered Democrats are likely to make Virginia the final state needed to ratify the long-dormant ERA.


Farmers Struggle as Hemp Harvest Winds Down

Many hemp growers won’t make much money, and some might go bust.

Public Safety

New York Mayor Faces Criticism for Police Commissioner Pick

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Recanvass in Kentucky governor’s race … Montgomery rejects proposal to criminalize giving money to homeless people … Sioux Falls legalizes beekeeping.


The Imperfect Art of Tracking Local Government Financial Stress

California is the latest state to launch a program to shed light on the financial conditions in localities. Systems like this can have benefits, but also limitations.


What Role Can Manufactured Homes Play in Affordable Housing?

Members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs expressed support for a bill that would encourage state and local governments to consider manufactured homes as part of affordable housing strategies.