In a County Jail, 'The Barracks' Aims to Give Veterans Resources and Hope

At the Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia, inmates who previously served in the military can choose to join a veterans-only housing unit that offers structure and tailored programming.

Health & Human Services

A New Bill In Pennsylvania Would Require Burial of ‘Fetal Remains’

The bill mirrors several others that have appeared in state legislatures across the country.


Utah Tests Ranked-Choice Voting’s Conservative Appeal

If Utah embraces the system, other Republican-leaning states may follow.

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Your Weakest Security Link is Probably in Your Employee’s Inbox

We’ve all seen those too-good-to-be-true emails offering riches if we just send over some personal details, like banking information or our social security number.


New York City Will Require Bird-Friendly Glass on Buildings

Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds smash into the city’s buildings every year. The city council just passed a bill to cut back on the carnage.


They’ve Built It, but Will People Come to the Midwest?

COMMENTARY | Several Midwest cities like Indianapolis are experiencing an economic renaissance. Yet, the region’s inability to attract people threatens long-term prospects.

Public Safety

New York City Starts Police Department Unit to Monitor Far-Right Extremism

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Shooting in Jersey City … Lawmaker in Georgia wants state to apologize for slavery … Pennsylvania introduces mandatory minimums into criminal justice reform bill.

Health & Human Services

A Foster Care and Adoption Shift in a Southern State

Louisiana refocused its efforts on foster care and adoption four years ago. Today, adoption rates are up, particularly among sibling groups and older teens.


Leading and Succeeding Where Organizational Boundaries Are Unclear

These are the gray zones—visible an irritating to all—where authority and responsibility are muddled.


The Uber and Lyft of Dog Walking Fight State Oversight

The gig-economy model for pet care has disrupted a standing industry in somewhat the same way that ride-hailing services upended the taxi industry.

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Why Car-Free Streets Will Soon Be the Norm

COMMENTARY | In cities like New York, Paris, Rotterdam, and soon San Francisco, car-free streets are emerging amid a growing movement.

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IT Consolidation - What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

IT consolidation has been a high-priority government and education initiative for many years.

Health & Human Services

Extending Medicaid After Childbirth Could Reduce Maternal Deaths

Evidence shows women should receive follow-up care for a year after giving birth.


Florida Governor Wants High School Students to Take Civics Exam

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Georgia governor will have to testify about minority voter registration comments … Virginia governor proposes $22 million to combat black maternal mortality … South Carolina senator proposes a total ban on offshore drilling.

Public Safety

Appeals Court Sides With Activist In Challenge Over City’s Bullhorn Restrictions

The California case concerns whether local permitting requirements for using megaphones and other sound amplification equipment infringe on free speech.


Caught in the Cycle of ‘Urgent Over Important’? This Leadership Strategy Can Help

COMMENTARY | A data-driven approach to governing, PerformanceStat is an effective way to focus on long-term challenges.

Tech & Data

A State's Sassy Approach to the Social Media Game

With a "your mom" joke and a lot of state-specific content, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's digital team tackles Twitter in a whole new way (while also getting serious when the news is serious).

Health & Human Services

Supreme Court Allows Kentucky Abortion Ultrasound Requirement to Stand

The law requires women who seek abortions to view a narrated ultrasound before the procedure, even if they don’t want one.


Our War Against Urban Rats Could be Leading to Swift Evolutionary Changes

COMMENTARY | Rats are superbly adapted to forage efficiently, breed often and produce enough progeny to repopulate quickly.