New York City Leaders Launch Ambitious Climate Plan

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Indiana Chamber rebuffs newly registered coal lobbyist Scott Pruitt ... Hurricane-recovering Florida Panhandle braces for wildfires ... Tennessee considers plan to fit school buses with traffic cameras.

Health & Human Services

Physicians Get Addicted Too

Lou Ortenzio was a trusted West Virginia doctor who got his patients—and himself—hooked on opioids. Now he’s trying to rescue his community from an epidemic he helped start.


With 'Human Composting' Legislation, Washington State Could Offer Alternatives to Burials

After passing the legislature last week, a bill that provides alternatives to cremation and traditional burials is headed to the governor.

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Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges Facing State and Local Governments

At NASCIO's 2018 Annual Conference, Symantec Policy & Government Affairs Director Thomas MacLellan spoke about cybersecurity challenges facing state and local governments.

Health & Human Services

Building a Map to Help Care for Vulnerable Residents

San Bernardino County, California, uses a survey and mapping tool to connect homeless people with support services.


A Quest to Reconstruct Baltimore’s American Indian ‘Reservation’

The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina is the largest tribe east of the Mississippi River, and they are fighting to preserve their culture in Baltimore.


How to Inspire Girls to Become Carpenters and Electricians

Male-dominated trades like construction, plumbing, and welding can offer job security and decent pay. A camp aims to show girls these careers are for them, too.

Public Safety

Where ‘Returning Citizens’ Find Housing After Prison

There is a housing crisis among the formerly incarcerated, particularly among those recently released from prison.

Public Safety

State Legislators Look to Change a Law That Makes Sexual Assault Convictions Difficult

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Feds announce $900M in infrastructure grants … New Jersey retirement-plan marketplace fails to materialize … Phoenix City Council to wrestle with rising pedestrian fatalities.


The Exhausting Ordeal of the Census Bureau’s Top Scientist

Litigation over adding a citizenship question gave voice to data expert John Abowd. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday about whether to include the question on the 2020 census.

Health & Human Services

Tracking Cancer Among Firefighters

The National Firefighter Registry seeks to collect detailed information on cancer rates within the profession with the goal of improving research.


What Happens When a Big Business Tries to Take Over and Rename a Neighborhood

COMMENTARY | As big tech companies rename the neighborhoods that they move into, community members and local governments are finding ways to fight back.


Could Hawaii Be Paradise For Hydrogen-Powered Public Transit?

Hawaii has been overhauling its transportation systems, and hydrogen-powered public transit may be next.


States Move to Crack Down on Air Conditioners’ Pollutants

A handful of states are beginning to look at the how they can phase out hydrofluorocarbons, focusing initially on large, commercial refrigeration units.


Michigan Business Groups Give Support to Tuition-Free Programs

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | No radar can be used to catch speeders on some San Diego streets ... Could NYC transit chief leave? ... Vermont governor likely to embrace Columbus Day change.


A Supreme Court Case That Will Affect Every Aspect of National Life

COMMENTARY | Can the federal census form ask whether each member of a household is a U.S. citizen?

Smart Cities

Scooters Did Take Over Last Year

A new report shows use of electric scooters surged past docked bike share.


Union Doesn't Need to Refund Fees to Local Government Workers, Federal Judge Rules

The lawsuits against a California union local are just two of many being filed against public sector unions across the country.


America’s Tech Hubs Still Dominate, But Some Smaller Cities Are Rising

Despite established urban tech hubs, some smaller cities are attracting high-tech jobs with lower living costs, unique talent pools, and geographic diversity.