Health & Human Services

Coronavirus Outbreak Shifts Census Outreach Strategies

On Census Day, April 1, about 38% of households have responded to the decennial questionnaire, a lower rate than at this point in 2010.


Under Pressure, Florida Governor Finally Orders Residents To Stay Home

Florida joins more than 30 other states and the District of Columbia in moves that have similarly restricted residents and businesses. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision came as Texas and Pennsylvania took similar action.


Should We Wear Masks or Not? An Expert Sorts Through the Confusion

COMMENTARY | If you are coughing or sneezing and therefore producing droplets that can contaminate other people or surfaces, wear a surgical mask to protect others.

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Idaho Becomes First State to Ban Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports

Proponents of the new law argue that a ban is intended to create a “level playing field.” Opponents say that the policy is discriminatory and unnecessary.

Health & Human Services

How Will Cities Avoid Bankruptcy?

After the rush for ventilators and protective equipment, local governments need to worry about insolvency.


A State Tries to Chart its Economic Rebound From a Pandemic

Utah has drafted a plan meant to serve as a road map for both public health and economic policies during the coronavirus crisis.


Trump Administration Issues Final Auto Emissions Rollback

The new standards will require automakers to reduce vehicle emissions by 1.5% each year, as opposed to 5% reductions required under an Obama-era rule.


Amid Closures, Libraries Find New Ways to Provide Services

As their branches close to protect public health, librarians turn to virtual programming and relief efforts to continue serving their communities.


How Food Stamps Can Help People During Hard Economic Times Like These

COMMENTARY | The SNAP food aid program helps low-income families put food on the table and injects money straight into struggling local economies. It will be critical throughout the crisis the coronavirus is stoking.

Public Safety

He Was Ordered to Self-Isolate. He Didn’t. Now He’s Facing Criminal Charges.

A man with coronavirus symptoms walked into a busy gas station store in southeastern Illinois. Prosecutors there charged him with reckless conduct, saying the man “showed a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others.”

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5 Ways Government IT Leaders Can Tap AI To Boost Security

Ultimately, IT and security teams will need to find new avenues and partnerships that will allow them to embrace these data challenges on the horizon and keep pace with rapidly changing threats.

Health & Human Services

Judges Take Up Abortion Bans Put in Place During Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal judges on Monday blocked Texas, Ohio, and Alabama from forcing abortion clinics to close. A day later, a federal appeals court panel temporarily reinstated the Texas limits.

Health & Human Services

States, Hospitals Grapple With Medical Rationing

States say they don’t understand the criteria the federal government has been using in allocating limited medical resources from the U.S. stockpile.

Health & Human Services

What Will Happen When Red States Need Help?

President Trump’s targets have been Democratic leaders. But the outbreak isn’t going to stay confined to Democratic states.


Extended Income Tax Deadline Is Yet Another Coronavirus Budget Curveball for States

Shifting the due date for income tax filings to July from April will likely create some budget gaps that states will have to manage in the final months of their fiscal years.

Public Safety

Stay-At-Home Scofflaws Face Fines, Arrest for Social Distancing Failures

Local authorities are beginning to crack down on those who blatantly violate orders banning large public gatherings, while trying to make it harder for people to break the rules in public spaces like parks.


‘Now Is the Time to Beg’: City Officials Plead with Residents to Stop Flushing Toilet Paper Alternatives

The coronavirus-induced toilet paper shortage is causing people to resort to creative alternatives. These can prove disastrous for sewer systems.


State Legislatures Scramble to Meet in the Age of Coronavirus

Lawmakers across the country rushed to pass resolutions permitting virtual meetings and remote voting, efforts they said were necessary to adhere to social distancing guidelines and protect legislators.


Feeling Overwhelmed? Approach Coronavirus as a Challenge to Be Met, Not a Threat to Be Feared

COMMENTARY | The way people process threatening events matters a lot for how well they’ll manage this period of uncertainty.