Health & Human Services

Is the Medication You’re Taking Worth Its Price?

The quality-adjusted life year (QALY) seeks to determine the value of health care treatments. Some patients are wary.


For 2020 Election, States Debate Who’s Allowed to Vote

Lawsuits and new voting bills will dominate several states this year.


Designing Constructive Feedback Discussions for Success

If it’s not about pursuing high performance tied to the mission, it’s personal, and that’s lousy feedback.

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Security Governance: Nurturing a Transparent & Secure Product Lifecycle

As Scott Kelso, leader of the product security office at Lenovo, pursues security excellence, he has found that governance and consistency are key to seeing product security successfully through an entire product lifecycle.


New York City Council Votes to Require Businesses to Accept Cash

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois will give students time off to vote … Virginia Senate passes red flag law … Wisconsin governor calls for special session.


Measuring the Cost of a State’s Car Economy

A new study attempts to come up with a dollar figure for how much cars, trucks and roads cost Massachusetts each year.


'The Mayor Can Set The Tone': How City Leaders Respond to Mass Shootings

Mayors who have seen their cities go through mass shootings discuss how to recover from—and whether it's possible to prepare for—tragedy.


For the First Time, a State Will Mandate Severance Pay During Mass Layoffs

Inspired by the closure of Toys ‘R’ Us amid bankruptcy, New Jersey passed a law to protect employees during large-scale cutbacks.


Red States Push for Last-Minute Census Advantage

Several blue and red states are in danger of losing congressional seats.


A Reckoning Over Iowa

The privileged status of the early-voting states could come under threat if they elevate a candidate next month who ultimately loses to Donald Trump.

Health & Human Services

Ohio Bill Would Ban Telehealth Abortions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio legislators want to curtail eminent domain claims … Massachusetts commits to net-zero emissions by 2050 … Michigan will allow the sale of Teslas in the state.

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From School Outreach to Hip Hop: How Mayors Plan to Boost Census Participation

The 2020 Census count will begin nationally in March and mayors are working to get the message out that every resident needs to be counted.

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Application Monitoring for On-premises, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud Environments

Applications live everywhere within government and education organizations—on-premises, in the cloud, or in some combination of these. How can you successfully monitor all your applications for performance and optimization, no matter where they are?


State Lawmakers Backtrack on a Tax Code Revamp

Utah officials say they plan to scrap a law they passed just last month after it attracted widespread public opposition, in part because of a tax hike on groceries.

Public Safety

A Plan to Expand Workers Comp Benefits to First Responders with PTSD

The Wisconsin Senate this week approved a bill that would extend benefits available to full-time law enforcement officers and firefighters, but not apply to volunteers or EMTs.


America Is Overrun With Bathrooms

COMMENTARY | In the past half century, the number of bathrooms per American has doubled.

Public Safety

Federal Opioid Grants Can Be Used for Cocaine and Meth Addiction

State drug treatment agencies can now use an opioid grant program to treat people with addictions to cocaine and methamphetamine.


Climate Change Is a Political Crisis, Not a Reproductive One

COMMENTARY | Asking millennials to forego children in the name of climate change only lets the fossil fuel industry off the hook.

Tech & Data

Seattle to Test Mobile Voting on Smartphones

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Georgia governor announced anti-trafficking measures … Idaho may legalize hemp growing … Los Angeles City Council gets involved in MLB sign stealing scandal.


Mayors Seek Solutions to Recycling Crisis

Industry representatives said companies are hungry for recyclables, despite China’s loss of appetite. But they said cities need to help residents decrease contamination and can do so through education campaigns and better infrastructure.