Tech & Data

Cybersecurity Firm: Alaska Targeted Before and After Trade Mission to China

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Wildfire smoke “fully entrenched” in Wash. … Maine judge ready “to go old school on no-show jurors” … new water rules roil San Francisco officials.

Health & Human Services

Thousands Could Lose Medicaid as 1st State Implements Work Requirements

Arkansas state officials say new requirements will help people get into the workforce. Advocates, however, contend they will just kick people out of the insurance program.


NLC Targets Political Opposition to Federal Housing Assistance by Joining Campaign

Opportunity Starts at Now is focused on the widening gap between rent and income across the U.S.

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Governing at the Intersection of People and Technology

Despite the growth of state and local government budgets following a post-recession slump, many agencies still struggle to attract and retain skilled workers. Competition from the private sector and lingering technological shortcomings are a few of the pressure factors. Still, there is much that can be done even under the constraints faced by public sector organizations. 

Public Safety

In Texas, Armed ‘Marshals’ and ‘Guardians’ Stand Ready to Protect Students

More than 20 percent of Texas school districts have authorized "guardian" programs to arm teachers and other school officials, while other schools have employees who are "marshals."


Low Pay Has Teachers Flocking to the Sharing Economy

One in 10 Airbnb hosts in the U.S. is a teacher, a new report shows.

Health & Human Services

Delaware’s Lt. Governor Distributes Doses of Life-Saving Medication

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A pipeline for thirsty Utah communities … Oregon will ask for a federal OK to toll interstates ... and a Monty Python inspired crosswalk in Texas.

Health & Human Services

Health Insurance Premiums Are Stabilizing, Despite GOP Attacks

In the coming year, insurance availability through the Affordable Care Act appears to be stabilizing in many states, with much smaller expected premium increases than in previous years.


Could California Set Quotas For Women On Corporate Boards?

Legislation under consideration in California would require publicly traded companies based in the state to put women on their boards.


FCC Floats Ideas to Fill In Wireless Dead Zones

Both Democrats and Republicans at a congressional hearing agreed that gaps in coverage are a problem. “We’ve got to kick somebody’s ass, truthfully,” said Sen. Jon Tester.

Tech & Data

Your Fancy New Analytics Platform Doesn't Matter If No One Uses It

COMMENTARY | Tools should empower employees, not send them running back to spreadsheets.


The States Where Salaries Stretch Farthest

The purchasing power of your salary depends largely on where you live, according to new research from the Tax Foundation.


The Policy Trifecta Resilient Communities Are Built On

“To truly be a resilient community you can't just pay attention to one leg of the stool. You really have to look at all three,” according to Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss.

Public Safety

L.A. Metro Will Deploy Millimeter Wave Scanners in Stations

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | W.Va. governor visits his state’s capital city … breaking ground on the Digital Crossroads of America Data Center … and a mayor’s Twitter tattoo bet.


Where Black Homeownership Is the Norm

“We wanted our kids to grow up in a place where there are African-American role models other than their parents,” said one resident of community with a high black homeownership rate.


Will Washington State Voters Make History on Climate Change?

The state could be the first in the union to adopt a carbon price by ballot.


Thousands of Miles of Internet Cables Could Be Underwater by 2033

Rising sea levels could threaten internet access for millions of people, according to a recent study.

Smart Cities

Bridging the Public-Private Divide

COMMENTARY | The former smart cities manager for Redlands, California believes there’s an opportunity to accelerate public sector innovation—he just moved to the private sector to help make it happen.