Lawmakers Grapple with Improving Election Security While Respecting States’ Rights

Experts say paper ballots are the way to go, but pushed back against efforts to federalize elections.


San Francisco To Ban Sales Of E-Cigarettes

Use of e-cigarettes, or vaping, has skyrocketed among teenagers nationally.


Wanted: Lawyers for Rural America

Law schools find recruiting attorneys to rural America is a tough sell.

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Connected Transportation

Top 5 Lessons for Modernizing State and Local Infrastructure. More states and municipalities are looking to unleash the opportunities created by embedding intelligent, connected technologies in public transit, vehicles, and roadways. Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed hundreds of state and local government decision makers to understand their perceptions of connected transportation and smart cities — here are our top five takeaways.


Fast Food Restaurants Are Where Americans Come Together

Americans have fewer and fewer spaces to gather. That’s where nuggets come in.


Arkansas Lawmakers Attempt to Limit Ballot Initiatives

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Wisconsin eliminates tax benefits for companies that move out of state … New York lawmakers pass ban on floating billboards … Florida struggles with hepatitis outbreak.


The Pros and Cons of 'Banning the Box'

New Mexico became the 12th state to prohibit private employers from asking about criminal records on job applications, a practice designed to reduce recidivism by helping ex-offenders gain employment.


'Disaster City' Used to Train First Responders

Smashed automobiles and derailed train cars make up this mock municipality, which attracts firefighters and other first responders from around the globe.


Americans Are Spending Billions on Bad Highway Expansions

PIRG’s annual list of “highway boondoggles” includes nine transportation projects that will cost a total of $25 billion while driving up emissions.

Health & Human Services

Non-English Speakers Face Health Setback If Trump Loosens Language Rules

A rule proposed by the Trump administration would leave patients with limited English proficiency with fewer guarantees of a written notice that free translation services are available.


New York Senate Passes Ban on Recreational Flamethrowers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oregon legislature standoff continues … Mayors in Pennsylvania ask for protected bike lanes … Arizona Department of Transportation tries to curb littering.

Tech & Data

States Move Ahead With Digital License Plates

Maryland is the latest state to launch a pilot program to test the technology for consumer use.


Disputes Over State Taxes on Train Fuel Won't Go Before Supreme Court

A federal law has led to years of messy litigation over levies on locomotive diesel.


Supreme Court to Hear Challenge on State Code Copyrights

Georgia holds a copyright for its annotated state code, which sells for $404, and sued to block a website from distributing free copies of the document.


These Are the Places Where Walking Is a Transportation Option

A new report ranks cities’ “walkability,” naming some familiar urban centers as the best for living without a car. But a few surprising cities are seeing real improvements.

Health & Human Services

A Water-Stressed World Turns to Desalination

Desalination is increasingly being used to provide drinking water around the globe. But it remains expensive and creates its own environmental problems.

Public Safety

New Jersey Implements Ride-Share Safety Law

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Republican walkout in the Oregon legislature … Illinois law enforcement concerned about marijuana DUIs… Austin appropriates for new homeless shelter.