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Protecting Election Systems Will Take Much More Federal Money, Report Says

The threat of foreign interference in U.S. elections remains, so the federal government must help state and local officials shore up defenses, according to a new report from the Brennan Center for Justice.


Best State to Retire? The Answer Isn’t Necessarily Florida

A new ranking did give the retirement mecca a nod, but also flagged some more surprising states.


Becoming the Lionfish King

The state of Florida encourages divers to remove an invasive species of fish from its waters in an annual challenge, naming the winner the Lionfish King (or Queen).

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Improving Program Integrity by Optimizing the Benefit Verification Process

Government agencies with beneficiary-centric missions face a constant challenge: How do they balance providing benefits and payments promptly to help those in need of assistance while simultaneously guarding against improper payments?


Americans Miss Stability and a Shared Sense of Purpose in Their Jobs

COMMENTARY | Some Americans are experiencing an erosion in the world of work that is hurting their well-being, relationships and hopes for the future.

Health & Human Services

Juul Hires Leading Teen Addiction Researcher As Medical Director

The move comes after Juul launched a recent campaign to overturn restrictions on e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco in San Francisco, where the company is based.


Could Public Banks Help California Fund Affordable Housing?

A coalition of bank activists in ten California cities is pushing for public banks. A bill to support them is working its way through the state legislature.


Michigan State Supreme Court Weighs Legislative Tactic to Avoid Ballot Measures

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | City manager in Colorado fired amid whistleblowing scandal … Washington considers per-mile driving tax … New York passes farmworker rights law.


'Inhumane' Jail Conditions Could Cost Ohio County Millions

Cuyahoga County jail made national headlines when videos of abuse behind bars went viral earlier this year. Now some county officials are saying taxpayers will pay the price.


K-12 Spending Sees Gains, But Still Lags in Many States, Teachers Union Says

An analysis of 2017 data finds education funding remains below pre-recession levels in over a third of states.


California’s Wildfires Are 500 Percent Larger Due to Climate Change

“Each degree of warming causes way more fire than the previous degree of warming did. And that’s a really big deal.”


To Save a Neighborhood, Ban a Dollar Store?

Some local governments hope that more grocery stores will blossom in “food deserts” if the number of discount convenience retailers can be limited.


Voting by Phone Is Easy. But Is It Secure?

Next year, Democrats in two states can caucus using their phones.


Republicans in Oregon Launch Recall Effort of Democratic Governor

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mayors testify before Congress about climate change … Alaska legislators sue the governor over education funding … Jury finds former governor of Iowa discriminated against gay state official.


Federal Agencies Heads Are Shifting Power Toward States

Federal officials have had too much discretion to institute their personal policy preferences, administration officials say.


As Temperatures Heat Up, Cities Need to Keep People Safe

A new guidebook, released by a disaster relief agency, offers strategies for cities to prepare for and learn from stretches of hot weather.

Public Safety

How One City Dramatically Cut Its Murder Rate

With a focus on community policing and engagement with neighborhood groups, Aurora, Illinois has become a model for cities across the country.


Three States File Lawsuit Over Federal Rules Blocking SALT Workaround

Treasury and the IRS last month prohibited charitable contribution programs meant to provide taxpayers a way around a cap on federal deductions for state and local taxes.


Getting Ready for Federal Disaster Mitigation Money

COMMENTARY | Local government officials need plans for when Community Development Block Grant dollars begin to flow.


Can Protecting Land Promote Employment?

COMMENTARY | In New England, the answer is yes.