Public Safety

Local Law Enforcement Must Decide if They Want to Continue Working With ICE

The 287(g) program has significantly expanded since 2017, stoking controversy about cost and transparency. Now, sheriffs have to decide if they want to renew their agreements with ICE.


Google to Invest $1 Billion in Bay Area Housing

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Missouri judge rules in favor of Planned Parenthood … Report on missing and murdered indigenous women in Washington … New York City Council considers a ban on foie gras.

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Smart Cities: Why Leadership Still Trumps Tech

Government is changing as citizen expectations are changing. State and local governments are moving toward smart government but it requires more than just technology.


Tracking State Spending in Real Time with Budget Transparency Websites

Oklahoma and Idaho are the latest states to launch budget transparency websites as a way to give residents access to real-time agency spending data.

Tech & Data

FCC to Vote on Auction of Unused Spectrum Reserved for Educational Institutions and Nonprofits

The FCC will vote on whether to do away with educational use requirements for spectrum and give Native American tribes priority bidding to put up 5G wireless networks.


Requiring High Schools to Name Valedictorians

After three Ohio schools did away with selecting valedictorians and salutatorians, a state legislator introduced a bill to mandate high schools continue the tradition.

Public Safety

Parole and Probation Violations Are Filling State Prisons

A new report from the Council of State Governments shows that many minor violations of parole or probation come with a high price tag, as they often lead to people ending up back in prison.


Detaining Refugee Children at Military Bases May Sound Un-America, But It's Been Done Before

COMMENTARY | Although the country hasn’t often had to cope with so many unaccompanied child migrants, the U.S. government has repeatedly turned to military bases to shelter unexpected migrant populations.


Google Maps Wants to Help You Navigate During Natural Disasters

The app will offer crisis navigation warnings and provide detailed visual information about hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.


New Laws Help Rural Black Families Fight for Their Land

Partition sales erode generational wealth and create housing and financial instability.

Health & Human Services

How 10 Cities Are Testing What Works to Increase Economic Mobility

COMMENTARY | City leaders are tapping into data to figure out policies that will improve the prospects of people struggling in communities across the country


A Political Action Committee in Utah Under Scrutiny

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York considers ending its surrogacy ban … Supreme Court allows Virginia electoral map to remain … Texas Gov. vetoes car seat legislation.


State's Ban on Uranium Mining Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

The Virginia case involved questions about legislative intent and the power states have under an atomic energy law.


A State Proposal to Cremate Bodies the Jedi Way

Missouri lawmakers passed a bill that would legalize open-air human cremation, similar to Darth Vader's funeral.

Public Safety

Supreme Court Upholds Right of States and Federal Government to Prosecute for Same Crime

The 7-2 ruling affirms an exception to “double jeopardy” protections, finding that states and the federal government are “separate sovereigns” with the ability to prosecute an individual for the same offense.


No African American Has Won Statewide Office in Mississippi in 129 Years—Here's Why

COMMENTARY | The structure of Mississippi elections may prevent minorities from winning offices.

Health & Human Services

It's Getting Easier to Find Out If a Beach Might Make You Sick

Chicago is the only major U.S. city to use a new method to test for bacteria at most of its beaches—and then issue same-day swimming advisories.


Philadelphia City Council Approves Controversial Natural Gas Plant

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York eliminates religious vaccine exemptions … Florida governor considers garden regulation bill … Chicago mayor debuts new workers’ compensation plan.