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Update: Time Has Run Out on the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in St. Paul, Minnesota

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Connecting state and local government leaders

As Congress dawdles on CHIP reauthorization, the stakes remain very high as funding is set to be exhausted in the states.

Here’s an update to an important story Route Fifty has been tracking: the fate of the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program, which had been facing a Sept. 30 reauthorization deadline on Capitol Hill. As September ended and October began, Congress failed to take action to reauthorize the program, which has enjoyed bipartisan support over the years and provided 8.9 million children with access to health care in fiscal 2016.

As Route Fifty’s Quinn Libson has previously reported, the lack of urgency to reauthorize CHIP had sparked panic among many health care advocates, especially in states like Minnesota, Arizona and North Carolina, where the near-term funding outlook is particularly grim.

“Almost every single state legislature has approved a budget assuming that CHIP is going to be there and the enhanced [federal] match was going to be there,” Peter Eckrich, the legislative director for the Health and Human Services Committee at the National Governors Association, told Route Fifty in a recent phone interview.

As Congress dawdles on the CHIP program, the stakes remain high and what comes next is not entirely clear. Each state’s situation is a little different but they’re all “varying degrees of bad,” as Route Fifty reported.

Here’s a map from the Kaiser Family Foundation of the dates when states are projected to exhaust their federal CHIP funding.

(via Kaiser Family Foundation)