Health & Human Services

New York Wants Health Workers to Join the Fight Against COVID-19. Will It Pick Up Their Medical Bills if They Get Sick?

States are recruiting retirees, recent graduates and other health professionals to help overwhelmed hospitals, but if they contract the virus while serving patients, they could be on the hook for any out-of-pocket medical costs.

Coronavirus Outbreak Shifts Census Outreach Strategies

On Census Day, April 1, about 38% of households have responded to the decennial questionnaire, a lower rate than at this point in 2010.

How Will Cities Avoid Bankruptcy?

After the rush for ventilators and protective equipment, local governments need to worry about insolvency.

What’s Essential? Confusion Clouds Workers, Employers

Rules vary state to state, city to city, and even hour to hour.

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Optimizing the Caseworker

To best support children and families, caseworkers need tools that reflect the financial reality of their clients. Read GBC's new issue brief to understand how leveraging data and simplifying processes can help caseworkers move beyond the reactive, punitive model of child support enforcement and better serve citizens.

Judges Take Up Abortion Bans Put in Place During Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal judges on Monday blocked Texas, Ohio, and Alabama from forcing abortion clinics to close. A day later, a federal appeals court panel temporarily reinstated the Texas limits.

States, Hospitals Grapple With Medical Rationing

States say they don’t understand the criteria the federal government has been using in allocating limited medical resources from the U.S. stockpile.

What Will Happen When Red States Need Help?

President Trump’s targets have been Democratic leaders. But the outbreak isn’t going to stay confined to Democratic states.

Watch New Orleans

With the country’s attention turned north, the coronavirus pandemic is exploding in Louisiana.

Mayors to Governors: Toughen Up!

Mayors are trying to protect their communities.

‘We’re Doing What We Can’: How a Makeshift Network Is Filling in the Gaps with Medical Supplies

A shortage of necessary medical supplies like face masks has engaged a broad coalition of helpers, from those at home with just a sewing machine and fabric to public libraries with 3D printers.

Help Wanted: Retired Doctors And Nurses Don Scrubs Again In Coronavirus Fight

Some governors have issued pleas for retired medical professionals to join the fight against coronavirus.

The Child-Care Crisis Is Even Worse for Health-Care Workers

Medical professionals need to be at work more urgently than ever, but their child care has essentially evaporated. Eager (but fragile) networks of volunteers have stepped in to help.

Is America Ready for a Second Wave of Coronavirus?

A resurgence of the virus would strain local health systems already close to a breaking point—but they might be more prepared the second time around.

Public Health Officials To Newsom: Lockdown Won’t Work Without Enforcement

Relying on social pressure as the primary tool to persuade people to comply threatens to slow progress.

Covid-19 Shows Us Why We Should Keep ICE Out of Hospitals

COMMENTARY | Fearing Trump’s immigration police, people are avoiding health care facilities. That’s dangerous, particularly now.

Don’t Halt Social Distancing. Instead, Do It Right.

COMMENTARY | There are two things the United States must do to beat the coronavirus.

Americans Say They Are Taking Social Distancing More Seriously, Poll Shows

New polling shows that, on the whole, Americans say they are stepping up efforts to isolate themselves—but some demographics are being more cautious than others.

Aid for States Lacking in $2 Trillion Deal, New York and Maryland Governors Say

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the estimated $3.8 billion his state would receive through the aid package a “drop in the bucket.”

Some States Are Reporting Incomplete COVID-19 Results, Blurring The Full Picture

Maryland, Ohio and others are reporting only positive tests, which skews tracking and an understanding of how the virus spreads.