A Teacher Said Her Boss Wouldn't Allow Breast Milk Pumping. Now Georgia Lawmakers Are Pushing a Bill.

Federal law requires employers to provide certain accommodations for breastfeeding women, but some careers, including teachers, aren't covered.

Conservative Indiana Adopted Needle Exchanges But Still Faces Local Resistance

After an HIV outbreak, the state legalized the exchanges. But five years later, they only exist in nine of Indiana's 92 counties.

We Shouldn’t Wait for a Crisis like Coronavirus to Fund Public Health

COMMENTARY | During emergencies, state and local agencies will be lauded for their efforts and suddenly flush with funding. But then the money disappears. It’s time to break that cycle.

Containing the Coronavirus

In King County, Washington, the public health department is relying on temporary staff hired for measles and hepatitis A outbreaks to help investigate a confirmed case of coronavirus.

Some Nonprofit Hospitals Aren’t Earning Their Tax Breaks, Critics Say

Half of all charity care in Chicago falls to one health system.

Seeking to Deter Would-Be Social Media Stars, Legislator Wants to Crack Down on Ice Cream Licking

A bill in Arizona would make it illegal for people to lick ice cream and return it to the store shelf, a response to a video that went viral last summer.

20 Seconds to Optimize Hand Wellness

One of the world’s most crucial and selfless acts is still simply washing your hands.

Preeminent Hospitals Penalized Over Rates Of Patients’ Injuries

Under the law, Medicare is mandated each year to punish the quarter of general care hospitals that have the highest rates of patient safety issues.

States Move to Protect Anesthetized Women from Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams

The controversial practice is condemned by major medical organizations, but still legal in most states.

Why Home Health Care Is Suddenly Harder To Come By For Medicare Patients

Home health agencies across the country are grappling with a significant change in how Medicare pays for services.

The New Coronavirus Is a Truly Modern Epidemic

New diseases are mirrors that reflect how a society works—and where it fails.

The Census Already Started in Alaska. Native Translators Are Working to Prevent Undercount Repeat

Across the country, tribal and non-English speaking communities are creating guidance and messages in a variety of languages to encourage Census 2020 participation.

Rural America’s Health Crisis Seizes States’ Attention

Many states are focused on making improvements, both large and small, to address health care problems in rural areas.

In Two States, Debates Over the Ethics of Paid Surrogacy

Lawmakers in New York, one of only three states where paid surrogacy is illegal, are trying to repeal their ban. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, legislators say surrogacy has led to the commercialization of children and want to prohibit it.

Behind on Child Support? In Some States that Means No Fishing or Hunting

A proposal in Utah would prevent certain people from obtaining hunting or fishing permits if they're behind on child support. Similar policies have been adopted by other states.

The Surprising Reasons Vaping Bans Draw Pushback

Some scientists caution that vaping regulations may do more harm than good.

Binge Drinkers Are Drinking More Alcohol in Nine States, CDC Says

Fewer Americans are binge drinking, but consumption among those who do is on the rise.

Is the Medication You’re Taking Worth Its Price?

The quality-adjusted life year (QALY) seeks to determine the value of health care treatments. Some patients are wary.

California Plan to Reduce Homelessness Forces Cities, Counties to Step Up

A proposal by the governor’s Council of Regional Homeless Advisors would mandate that cities, counties and the state reduce homelessness or be vulnerable to court action.

Ohio Bill Would Ban Telehealth Abortions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio legislators want to curtail eminent domain claims … Massachusetts commits to net-zero emissions by 2050 … Michigan will allow the sale of Teslas in the state.