Parks and Recreation Returned, and State and Local Officials Were Here for It

The reunion episode of the show about local government in the fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana offered a lighthearted take on the pandemic.

To Safely Reopen, Make the Workweek Shorter. Then Keep It Shorter.

This crisis is the ideal time to make radical changes to how we work in America.

Youth, Disconnected: Coronavirus Leaves Some Behind

Up to 1 in 4 rural teens and young adults are not in school or working.

Black Community Leaders Criticize Decision to Reopen Georgia

Gov. Brian Kemp has taken the most aggressive measures of any state leader to lift restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Black community leaders say he’s being reckless.

Los Angeles Opening Up Coronavirus Testing to All Residents

The city’s mayor says it is the first major city in the U.S. to do so. Even people without symptoms can get a test.

Free Clinics Try To Fill Gaps As COVID Sweeps Away Job-Based Insurance

Across the country, the need for free and charity clinics has grown as people lose their job-based insurance and struggle to pay their bills.

The U.S. Is Now Resorting to Plan C

COMMENTARY | Americans are not going to wait for sufficient testing. So what happens next?

What Antibody Studies Can Tell You—and More Importantly, What They Can’t

Coronavirus antibody studies and what they allegedly show have triggered fierce debates, further confusing public understanding.

State and Federal Prosecutors Target Bogus Cures and Treatment Scams

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an avalanche of products that are misleadingly marketed to make consumers believe they are effective treatments or prevention measures for the virus.

States Are Using the Pandemic to Roll Back Americans’ Rights

COMMENTARY | Some state governments are criminalizing and censoring lawful speech under the guise of protecting public health.

Wait Times Remain Stubbornly Long in Hospital Emergency Rooms

COMMENTARY | The COVID-19 pandemic shows just how important a well-functioning emergency medicine system is.

Lawmaker Pushing Mental Health Reform: It’s ‘More Needed Than Ever’

A Q&A with a key California state senator about the steps he wants the state to take to expand mental health care access and substance abuse treatment, even as the state faces big budget challenges.

Critics Question New York’s Decision to Cancel Presidential Primary

The decision to cancel the state’s Democratic presidential primary during the coronavirus pandemic was necessary, officials say. But election observers are worried that cancelling could set a dangerous precedent.

Against CDC Guidance, Some Cities Sweep Homeless Encampments

Clearing encampments can cause people to disperse throughout the community, which increases the potential for disease spread.

Medication Shortages Are the Next Crisis

COMMENTARY | The frequency of alerts and the number of drugs in undersupply are shocking developments in a rich country.

New York City Set Up a Tip Line For People to Report on Their Neighbors. It Did Not Go Well.

The city encouraged residents to report people who aren't following social distancing protocols. They’ve also been flooded with memes, inappropriate photos, and thousands of false tips.

Another Side Effect of Covid-19: More Guns

Researchers warn that the risks of gun ownership are now heightened by factors associated with the pandemic.

Will Child Care Be There When States Reopen?

Closures may make it harder for parents to return to work.

Army Research Shows How Do-It-Yourself Facemasks Can Be as Safe as N95s

Personal protective equipment for hospital workers is running out. This design works as well as the best in class.

Conspiracy Theories Abound About the Coronavirus. How Officials Can Deal with Them.

During the protracted coronavirus crisis, conspiracy theories can develop staying power. Experts say clear communication is crucial to dispelling disinformation and combatting conspiracies.