As Flood Risks Increase, It's Time to Recognize the Limits of Levees

COMMENTARY | Levees shield farms and towns from flooding, but they also create risk.

Key Senators Pledge to Move on Federal Highway Bill This Summer

But lawmakers acknowledge that figuring out a long-term plan to pay for transportation infrastructure remains a major challenge.

Rockefeller Foundation Commits $8 Million to New Climate and Resilience Program

The move comes as the 100 Resilient Cities initiative supported by the foundation winds down.

Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It

COMMENTARY | The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives.

Digital Driver’s Licenses Could Become a Real Option in Some States

Several states have run pilots for digital driver’s licenses, which would allow residents to supplement plastic ID cards with smartphone apps. But as the technology becomes more of a reality, experts are worried about the privacy implications.

It Takes Years to Fully Recover from Big Storms Like Sandy

COMMENTARY | This failure to help families get completely back on their feet is partly due to shortfalls in funding from charitable and federal sources.

How Do Rich Neighborhoods Exist So Close to Poor Ones?

The research of the Harvard economist Raj Chetty shows that the scale of inequality is incredibly small.

Why U.S. Cities Aren’t Using More Electric Buses

Two reports from the World Resource Institute look at the biggest barriers to electrifying the global bus fleet—and how cities can overcome them.

Americans Are Spending Billions on Bad Highway Expansions

PIRG’s annual list of “highway boondoggles” includes nine transportation projects that will cost a total of $25 billion while driving up emissions.

These Are the Places Where Walking Is a Transportation Option

A new report ranks cities’ “walkability,” naming some familiar urban centers as the best for living without a car. But a few surprising cities are seeing real improvements.

Minimum Wage Still Can’t Pay For A Two-Bedroom Apartment Anywhere

The 30th anniversary edition of the National Low Income Housing Coalition report, “Out of Reach,” shows that housing affordability is getting worse, not better.

Google to Invest $1 Billion in Bay Area Housing

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Missouri judge rules in favor of Planned Parenthood … Report on missing and murdered indigenous women in Washington … New York City Council considers a ban on foie gras.

Google Maps Wants to Help You Navigate During Natural Disasters

The app will offer crisis navigation warnings and provide detailed visual information about hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

New York Lawmakers Pass Stronger Tenant Protections

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts legislature passes millionaire’s tax … Dallas limits bulky trash … A city in Louisiana reverses a ban on baggy pants.

A High Stakes Debate Over an Environmental Permitting Law That Empowers States

States have blocked pipelines and coal facilities using the process. President Trump and some Republicans are pushing to revamp it.

How Forgotten Ports Have a Big Role to Play in the Future of Offshore Wind

Along the East Coast, states and companies are joining to make big investments in port upgrades, as the region eyes a decade of job growth tied to renewable energy.

How Should We Define the Suburbs?

Based on census boundaries, ways of life, and physical characteristics, respectively, three new definitions offer a composite portrait of American suburbia.

So Far, Real Estate Dominates a Tax Break Meant for Businesses

Only a handful of people have started investment funds that focus on operating businesses.

Driverless Cars Are Going to Disrupt the Airline Industry

COMMENTARY | A future with driverless cars means people will have more options to avoid driving on their own, beyond trains, planes, and buses.