In Missouri, a Rift Over Local Murder Prosecutions

Missouri’s governor wants the state attorney general to take over prosecutions for uncharged homicides in St. Louis.

Do All Face Masks Offer Similar Protection? New Test Offers A Way to Compare

The limited findings raise doubts about the effectiveness of neck gaiters and bandanas in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Establishing Covid-19 Testing Sites for All

COMMENTARY | Racial and socioeconomic inequities continue to be exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Community leaders must engage residents who are most vulnerable to identify equitable response measures.

Feds Will Reopen Schools on Native American Reservations

Despite the outsize toll the pandemic has taken on Native American communities, the federal government said that schools on reservations should reopen in September.

Local Officials Say a Nursing Home Dumped Residents to Die at Hospitals

The deaths of 18 residents of a New York nursing home highlight the continuing controversy over the Cuomo administration’s decision not to count deaths in hospitals as nursing home deaths. The home denies the allegations.

How the Pandemic Defeated America

A virus has brought the world’s most powerful country to its knees.

Public Health Officials Are Quitting or Getting Fired in Throes of Pandemic

At least 49 state and local public health leaders have resigned, retired or been fired since April across 23 states.

A Lawsuit Seeks to Restore Local Power to Tax Sugary Drinks

California enacted a law in 2018 that creates a huge roadblock for cities that want to tax soda and other sugary beverages. That statute now faces a challenge in court.

Chicago Leaders Condemn Looting As ‘Brazen and Extensive Criminal Destruction’

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | A judge sides with California in lawsuit about new gig worker law … New York lawmakers to probe storm power outages … Texas AG says state legislature likely needs to decide about moving a statue of a former Texas A&M University president and Confederate general.

U.S., International Lawmakers Push Facebook to Stop Online Hate Targeting Women

The social media giant must more aggressively enforce rules that it already has in place, they said.

Governors Raise Concerns About Trump’s Unemployment Benefits Order

Asking states to chip in to cover 25% of the enhanced unemployment benefits at a time they are facing significant budget shortfalls is “laughable,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Robot Chicken Butchers and Other Job Automation Brought to You By Covid

The coronavirus could accelerate adoption of automation technologies as businesses look to minimize human contact.

Cancel College

COMMENTARY | Reopening universities will accomplish little and endanger many.

As Crisis Grows, Farms Try to Balance Health of Field Workers and Food Supply

Skeptics say the lack of enforceable federal safety standards geared toward the coronavirus allows these employers to prioritize the harvest over worker safety.

What It Takes to Build a Nonpartisan Pipeline for Women Candidates

In a space dominated by Democratic groups, the LBJ Women’s Campaign School highlights its nonpartisan approach in trying to help more women get elected to office. It’s not that simple.

Nine People Test Positive at Georgia High School Where Photo of Crowded Hallways Went Viral

LOCAL AND STATE ROUNDUP | Newspaper identifies 14 Florida inmates who died of Covid who were parole eligible … Los Angeles considers revoking projects if developers tied to corruption … Illinois school district bans pjs for remote learning.

Health Care Workers of Color Nearly Twice as Likely as Whites to Get Covid-19

A study also found that health care workers are three times more likely than people in the general public to test positive.

Immigrants Might Be Reporting Crimes Even Less Now. Here's Why

COMMENTARY | The Trump administration’s decision to create doubt about the validity of U visas that protect crime survivors hurts already vulnerable immigrant populations.