Pandemic, China Trade Deal Fuel Farmer Doubts

A U.S.-China trade deal is falling short on its commitments.

One in Six Mississippi Lawmakers Tests Positive for Coronavirus

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Supreme Court rules that much of eastern Oklahoma is an Indian reservation ... Houston GOP convention canceled by mayor … Maryland to hold “normal” election in November.

Job Prospects In Cities Dim For Workers Without College Degrees, Study Finds

The research shows an erosion of middle-income jobs for this group of workers between 1980 and 2015, which has been particularly devastating for those who aren’t white.

From Hurricanes to Pandemics: Benefiting from Crisis Lessons Learned

COMMENTARY | Elected and appointed officials must anticipate a broad range of possible catastrophes and put effective plans in place now to meet challenges like Covid-19 and future disasters.

Factory Jobs Catch Bounce From PPE Manufacturing

New shutdowns because of the virus surge could mean more layoffs.

Florida Orders Schools to Make In-Classroom School Available in Fall

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Phoenix mayor wants FEMA to set up testing center … Houston mayor asks state Republican party to cancel convention … Georgia governor sends National Guard to Atlanta.

Nearly 3 in 4 Moms Were In the Workforce Before the Covid-19 Pandemic—Is That Changing?

COMMENTARY | In about two in three U.S. families with two parents, both are working or looking for a job. That makes caring for kids when schools and day care providers are closed hard if not impossible.

A New Look at Where Gentrification Is Happening

Cities in California dominated a gentrification ranking, but several smaller metropolitan areas also appeared.

Goodbye, Confederate Statues. Hello, Dolly Parton and Chef Boyardee?

There's little consensus on what to put up in place of Confederate monuments and other controversial political statues.

Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought

COMMENTARY | Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure.

Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

State AGs track millions in false loan and unemployment claims.

Don't Want to Wear a Mask? In Some Places, It Could Cost You.

States and cities are introducing penalties for people who don't comply with mandatory mask policies. But enforcement is tricky, with some public officials and civil rights experts arguing fines are counterproductive.

Search and Rescue Teams, Already Stretched Thin, See Surge in Calls

The pandemic is exposing the vulnerabilities of America’s search and rescue model.

Millions of Homeowners Who Need Flood Insurance Don’t Know It—Thanks to FEMA

It is FEMA’s job to warn homeowners about major flood risks, but its approach is notoriously limited. In Cook County alone, researchers found about six times as many properties in danger as FEMA estimated. Look up your address with a new tool.

Parents Can’t Wait Around Forever

We need to know the facts about kids and COVID-19. Now.

Census Workers to Resume In-Person Visits to Boost Response Rate

About 40% of households have not yet responded to the 2020 census survey and the bureau estimates workers may have to visit 56 million households to follow up.

Know a Teen Who Needs a Summer Job? Covid-19 Response Is Hiring.

Officials in several states are expanding existing seasonal job programs to include new opportunities to help with government-led coronavirus response efforts.

Libraries Begin Partial Reopening as Covid-19 Cases Surge

Most libraries are implementing phased reopening plans, beginning with contactless pickup of materials that undergo a quarantine period for safety.

How North Carolina Transformed Itself Into the Worst State to Be Unemployed

Across the country, unemployment systems are collapsing under an unprecedented number of claims. But some state systems, like North Carolina’s, have long made it harder to receive unemployment benefits.