Navigator Awards Finalists: Next Generation Category

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We're rolling out finalists 31 through 40, who are rising stars demonstrating excellence in their work in state and local governments.

We’re now more than halfway through our phased roll-out of the 50 finalists for Route Fifty’s Navigator Awards program and this week, we’ll be announcing the next batch of finalists, who were nominated in the Next Generation category.

Public sector leaders, including those in state and local governments, face two distinct but related challenges when it comes to their workforces: Just as more longtime government employees are retiring, workforce managers have the sometimes difficult task of attracting and retaining new talent who can help replace those who are making their professional exit.   

At plenty of government management conferences I’ve been to in recent years, the “M” word—Millennial—has been frequently brought up. State and local governments need to figure out ways to draw younger workers to careers in public service.

The way we look at it, the next generation of state and local government employees isn’t necessarily limited to Millennials. The next generation can include government professionals at different levels of their careers who are providing fresh ideas, enthusiasm, expertise and passion for improving the work of the state and local public sector.

So stay tuned for our next 10 finalists, who will be announced one by one in the coming days.

Here’s who we’ve named as Navigator Award finalists this far in the previous three categories.

Finalists 1-10: Government Allies and Cross-Sector Partners

Finalists 11-20: Agency and Department Leadership

Finalists 21-30: State and Local Executive Leadership