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Dumped-Upon Minnesota City Deploys Its Snow Equipment in June

Welcome to Minnesota!

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Connecting state and local government leaders

PHOTOS: As the start of summer nears, public works crews in the city of Coon Rapids were plowing through a winter landscape, of sorts.

You never know what weather conditions in Minnesota will bring, and on Sunday, a storm that swept across the Twin Cities area prompted the city of Coon Rapids bring out its snow-removal equipment. A quick calendar check: It is currently June.

The plow job in Coon Rapids wasn’t needed to deal with a freak late-spring snowstorm—such an event would have unseated the town of Mitzpah, which currently holds the record for Minnesota’s latest measurable snow, on June 4, 1935. (A fabled July 4 snowfall in the North Star State has never been confirmed by researchers.)

On Sunday, a powerful thunderstorm swept through Minneapolis, St. Paul and their suburbs on Sunday morning, knocking out power to more than 150,000 customers, according to the Star Tribune.

Coon Rapids was among the communities hit by large quantities of hail the storm dumped on the area. The city documented and relayed photos of the hail accumulation and the “unusual” public works response for June.