Report Shows Cities That Have Gained the Most Workers

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The findings from the jobs website Linkedin also look at the "skills gap" that exists in various U.S. metro areas.

Denver has gained more workers in the past year than any other major U.S. city, based on figures released earlier this month by the online business networking site Linkedin.

The company's monthly workforce report indicates that for every 10,000 Linkedin members in Denver, 71.6 arrived there in the past 12 months. The other cities that posted top gains based on the same new arrivals per-10,000-members metric are: Austin, Texas (64.1), Seattle (63.1), Las Vegas (57.7) and Nashville (51.3).

Cities that lost the most workers, again based on the same metric, include: Hartford, Connecticut (-60.6), Providence, Rhode Island (-48.7), Pittsburgh (-43.2), Chicago (-40.4) and Norfolk, Virginia (-37.6).

San Francisco, the report says, is losing talent to other cities with growing tech sectors and lower costs of living. But the number of people moving there continues to outpace the number leaving.

The report delves into other areas as well. One is the "skills gap" that exists in large metro areas around the U.S., meaning the mismatch between the skills employers need and those that workers have.

Cities with the largest skills gaps overall, according to the report, are (in order from largest gap to the smallest): San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas, New York City and Los Angeles.

A full copy of Linkedin's report can be found here.

Bill Lucia is a Senior Reporter for Government Executive's Route Fifty and is based in Washington, D.C.

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