Sending Queso to the Moon



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Austin Mayor Steve Adler provides a queso recipe to future civilizations, including it a package that began a voyage to the moon earlier this week.

Will space aliens and citizens of future civilizations enjoy melted cheese as much as we do?


Austin Mayor Steve Adler is offering an introduction to the delicacy, enclosing a recipe for the delicious dip in a letter to the moon expected to land in about 40 days. The letter was on a SpaceX Falcon rocket that left Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Thursday night containing missives and other material gathered by the Arch Mission Foundation.

“Have you heard of queso? Have you tried it? Do it. Do it now. It is amazing,” Adler wrote in the letter penned in August that welcomed extraterrestrials to his city. The queso recipe in question comes from Kerbey Lane Cafe, a popular chain of diners in Texas’ capital city.

The Arch Mission Foundation, a non-profit group, is creating a “lunar library” on radiation-proof disks that are being sent to the moon, according to a news release, with the idea of creating an archive of “all human knowledge permanently in space.” Also included: a “full copy of the English-language Wikipedia," 25,000 books and linguistic keys.

Adler’s letter also contained a photo of renowned Austin eccentric Albert “Leslie” Cochran, who died in 2012, saying it was part of his “incentive package” to encourage aliens to relocate to the city and “Keep Austin Weird.”

“If it helps your decision, please know that extraterrestrial beings have already been to Austin, become cultural icons, and even run for Mayor–and they are forever welcome here,” Adler said in celebration of Cochran’s influence on his city.

Adler concluded with his wish that Earth residents will have solved the problems we haven’t yet successfully tackled, from climate change to poverty, by the time the letter is again read.

“It is my hope that on the future day that you read this, we will have solved the many things on this earth for which we are less proud,” he wrote.

Laura Maggi is Managing Editor of Route Fifty and is based in Washington, D.C.

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