Resilience Renewed in Houston

Aerial view of downtown Houston

Aerial view of downtown Houston SHUTTERSTOCK


Connecting state and local government leaders

For the fifth year in a row, the Route Fifty roadshow will explore the biggest themes in state and local government. This year’s roadshow kicks off in Houston, Texas to explore the city’s resiliency journey.

Houston has been transformed by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, along with five other federally-declared flooding disasters. Officials have dedicated significant time, money and effort  to build a safer, stronger city that can quickly and sustainably bounce back from adversities 

"Houston Strong" is not just a saying—it’s a movement. Houston government officials, along with a variety of stakeholders from academia, community organizations, and non-profit groups, have engaged in multiple initiatives over the last two years to prepare the city for future weather disasters and address underlying inequities that intensify when the unexpected occurs. All of this culminated with the recent launch of the Resilient Houston plan, which outlines 18 goals to propel Houston into becoming “the capital of resilience.” 

The Resilience Renewed roadshow will spotlight Houston’s efforts to become a model for resilience through:

  • Focused discussions on the current and future weather, public safety and cybersecurity risks facing Houston.
  • An interactive workshop where participants will pitch ideas on ways to boost resilience in neighborhoods across the city.
  • Expert insight into how communities nationwide can adopt forward-leaning resilience policies and practices.

Featured speakers include Marissa Aho, the chief resilience officer for Houston, Jeffry Evan, meteorologist in charge for the National Weather Service for Houston/Galveston and more. 

The event will take place on March 12 at Station 3. You can learn more here

Alisha Powell Gillis is the senior editor for Route Fifty

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