Seattle Mayor Won’t Sign Legislation Banning Winter Evictions, But It Becomes Law Anyway

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New Mexico enacts red flag gun legislation … Virginia establishes parole reforms … Massachusetts lawmaker wants to know how marijuana revenue is used.

Local Leaders Talk Solutions to Rising Costs of Living

At an event in Washington D.C., mayors and city council members spoke about the need for local solutions helping people cope with the increased costs of housing, child care and health care.

America is Aging and That Could Present Problems for Some States

In about 15 years, the number of people 65 and over is expected to outnumber those under 18 for the first time in U.S. history.

The Disappearing Songs of Hawaii’s Endangered Native Birds

Six of the seven birds native to Kauai’s forests are in a state of precipitous decline.

Oregon Republicans Walk Out to Avoid Vote on Climate Change Bill (Again)

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Effort to expel Washington lawmaker accused of domestic terrorism fails … Alabama lawmaker proposes database for concealed carry permits … New Jersey governor proposes fee on businesses for Medicaid reliance.

One State Becomes First in the Nation to Preempt City Natural Gas Bans

No cities in Arizona have banned gas stoves or other residential uses of natural gas. The state wants to keep it that way.

Voters in Western States Back Climate Action, Land Protections, Survey Finds

The poll captures the views of 3,200 registered voters in eight western states.

A Plan To Prevent Drunk Drivers From Buying Alcohol

Proposed legislation in Utah would create an "Alcohol-Restricted Individual Program," with both voluntary and court-ordered participation.

Local and State Governments Object to Hosting Coronavirus Patients in Quarantine

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Two deaths at Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans … Arizona governor drops immigration proposal … New Jersey governor announced he will have surgery for a kidney tumor.

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Speaking Statistically, This GOP Donor Wants to Convince You that Money Buys Justice in Texas

After losing before the Texas Supreme Court against a big oil company, a wealthy Republican donor concluded that major corporations represented by certain elite law firms are more likely to succeed at the state's high court.

Eastern Kentucky Has Been Underwater, but You Probably Didn’t Notice

COMMENTARY | Central Appalachia has experienced catastrophic flooding. Most Americans have no idea this natural disaster has been happening.

Washington State Legislation Aims to Make it More Difficult to Shoplift

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Hawaii legislature calls for reconciliation with Native Hawaiians … Long Beach City Council wants more control hiring and firing city employees … Democrats in Maryland say they won’t pass gun bill with mandatory minimums.

In Mississippi, a New Call to Remove a Confederate Symbol from the State Flag

A bill in the state legislature would establish a flag commission to draw up alternatives.

Hot Hemp Pits States Against Feds

State officials warn new USDA rules could hurt the nascent industry.

The Oil Industry Is Quietly Winning Local Climate Fights

In the past few years, the American Petroleum Institute and its allies have fought against climate-friendly policies in at least 16 different states.

Some Residents of Conservative Oregon Counties Want to Become a Part of ‘Greater Idaho’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Alabama medical marijuana bill advances … Texas planning to close two state prisons New Mexico creates education trust fund.

The Cannabis Industry Could Become the National Model for Labor Relations

COMMENTARY | Workers in the cannabis industry are rapidly unionizing with employer support. This trend, incentivized by state laws, could be a model for improved labor relations nationwide.

Transgender Americans Are More Likely to Be Unemployed and Poor

COMMENTARY | A new study found that transgender people had higher rates of poverty and worse health than otherwise comparable individuals who did not identify as transgender.