Red States Push for Last-Minute Census Advantage

Several blue and red states are in danger of losing congressional seats.

A Reckoning Over Iowa

The privileged status of the early-voting states could come under threat if they elevate a candidate next month who ultimately loses to Donald Trump.

From School Outreach to Hip Hop: How Mayors Plan to Boost Census Participation

The 2020 Census count will begin nationally in March and mayors are working to get the message out that every resident needs to be counted.

America Is Overrun With Bathrooms

COMMENTARY | In the past half century, the number of bathrooms per American has doubled.

Climate Change Is a Political Crisis, Not a Reproductive One

COMMENTARY | Asking millennials to forego children in the name of climate change only lets the fossil fuel industry off the hook.

Proposed Missouri Bill Targeting Children’s Books Could Land Librarians in Jail

A bill proposing parental review boards to identify “inappropriate” sexual material in children’s books would impose hefty fines—or even jail time—on librarians who don’t comply with their decisions.

Census Talk with an Arizona Mayor

Mesa Mayor John Giles is an active participant in his city's census preparation and was an outspoken critic of a proposal to add a citizenship question to the 2020 survey.

Drunken School Bus Drivers Put Kids’ Lives at Risk

Police caught more than a hundred impaired school bus drivers since 2015.

The Necessity of the Indian Child Welfare Act

COMMENTARY | A case now before the Fifth Circuit threatens to upend the laws that enable Native self-governance.

A Proposal to Limit the Number of Bills State Senators Can Introduce

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Colorado may make HIV medication easier to access … Oklahoma lawmakers want ‘MAGA’ license plates … Virginia Senate passes three gun laws.

A Nebraska Law Bans People with STDs from Marrying. A Lawmaker Wants to Scrap It

An obscure law in Nebraska prevents people with STDs from marrying—and makes it difficult for people to annul their marriages for similar reasons.

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Black Americans Mostly Left Behind by Progress Since Dr. King’s Death

COMMENTARY | Today’s black poverty rate of 21% is almost three times that of whites.

A Tourism Campaign Centered on a Lack of Tourists

In its 2020 advertising campaign, North Dakota urges travelers to "follow your curiosity—not the crowds," a nod to the state's wide-open landscape and sparsely populated attractions.

Tennessee Passes Measure Allowing Adoption Agencies to Deny Gay Couples

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia passes Equal Rights Amendment … Utah governor stops distribution of condoms with local puns … Rappers Jay-Z and Yo Gotti file lawsuit against Mississippi prisons.

American Housing Is Insane

COMMENTARY | Approximately half of the Manhattan luxury-condo units that have come onto the market in the past five years are still unsold.

Delaware Could Become First State with Statehouse Workers Union

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Temporary gun ban in Virginia capitol … Idaho lawmakers press for LGBTQ protections … California may purchase land for a new state park.

In California, a Landmark Labor Law’s Turbulent Rollout

The enactment of the new “gig worker” guidelines has been celebrated by some and assailed by others, and may offer lessons for states pursuing similar policies.

2019 Capped the Hottest Decade on Record

The past decade was the hottest in recorded history, and 2019 was the second-warmest year, according to data released Wednesday by NOAA and NASA.

Florida Lawmakers Want to Prohibit Jail Sentences for Missed Jury Duty

The legislation they introduced is inspired by the case of a college student who overslept on the day he was supposed to sit on a jury and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

What Happened to the Anti-Alcohol Movement?

Unlike in previous generations, hardly any formal organizations are pushing to reduce the amount that Americans drink.