Caught in the Cycle of ‘Urgent Over Important’? This Leadership Strategy Can Help

COMMENTARY | A data-driven approach to governing, PerformanceStat is an effective way to focus on long-term challenges.

Our War Against Urban Rats Could be Leading to Swift Evolutionary Changes

COMMENTARY | Rats are superbly adapted to forage efficiently, breed often and produce enough progeny to repopulate quickly.

How to Save a Dying Language

The Hawaiian language nearly went extinct. Now it’s being taught in dozens of immersion schools.

California Bans Insurers From Dropping Customers Because of Wildfire Risks

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia sheriff says he will deputize citizens … Trucks only toll plan in Connecticut … Boston city council candidate wins election by one vote.

Suburban Jobs Are Growing Fastest, But Urban Jobs Pay More

New labor data show that the suburbs have the fastest job growth in the U.S. But we shouldn’t assume the future of employment will be suburban.

Dozens of States Want to Keep America’s Broken Climate Promise

States still aiming to meet U.S. climate commitments will reduce emissions 20 to 27 percent below their all-time high by 2025, a new report card shows.

Opportunity Zones Investors Show Appetite for Real Estate Over Startups

Nearly three quarters of $4.5 billion that has poured into the program is in investment funds that plan to focus at least in part on residential real estate.

Republican Lawmaker in Florida Wants Undocumented Immigrants to Get Driver’s Licenses

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nebraska lawmakers wants more lawmakers … Bill in Arizona to restrict acceptable voter IDs … Artificial Christmas tree draws ire in Rhode Island.

Honolulu Passes Strict Single-Use Plastics Ban

The Honolulu City Council last week passed a sweeping single-use plastics ban that affects the entire island of Oahu, home to 70 percent of Hawaii residents.

Fix California’s Housing Crisis, Activists Say. But Which One?

As a controversy over vacancy in the Bay Area and Los Angeles reveals, advocates disagree about what kind of housing should be built, and where.

Farmers’ Despair Pushes States to Act

At least seven states introduced bills to beef up rural mental health.

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Michigan Court Rules Bottled Water Operation Not an ‘Essential Public Service’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New Jersey lawmaker hopes to make lobbyist involvement more transparent … Idaho enacts regulatory reform … Los Angeles bans developer donations.

Seven Cities in a Snowy State Ban Snowballs. Now One is Poised to Reverse Course

A handful of Wisconsin cities have identically worded ordinances that ban snowball fights in public places. After going viral for their policy, officials in Wausau are ready to change it.

Why One City is Prioritizing Financial Empowerment

St. Paul, Minnesota created a city office that aims to lift up residents who are struggling the most, while also addressing the ways city penalties might be keeping them down.

To Fill Vacancies in Government, One State Tries a Rapid-Hire Job Fair

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Utah lawmaker hopes the state will ratify the ERA … Tennessee lawmaker questions oversight at juvenile correction facility … Legislation to mandate pledge of allegiance in Arizona.

Rural America Sees Biggest Income Dips—and Jumps

Per capita income in the United States rose 4% last year to $54,000.

What the Gentrification of Baltimore's Chinatown Means

As developers turn to Baltimore’s historical Chinatown, Ethiopian residents worry about displacement while others worry about cultural commodification.

A City Sues Itself to Stop a Marijuana Ballot Initiative

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York City debuts cargo bikes program … Ohio may ban local plastic bag ordinances … Texas representative drops reelection bid after remarks about Asian opponents.

With 2020 Agenda, Mayors Stake Out Positions on Housing, Guns and Climate

The local leaders also address a range of other issues in their new platform that they want presidential candidates and other contenders for federal office to take notice of.

Why the 21st-Century Economy Prizes Overwork

The digital age has liberated the tools of productivity from the office, and chained workers to their computers.