Black Homeownership Hits A 50-Year Low

The gap between white and black homeownership has also remained largely the same since the 1960s, despite economic and political gains that African Americans have achieved since then.

Why Local Governments Are Considering Balloon Release Bans

Releasing balloons is tantamount to littering, according to one Maryland elected official.

North Carolina Brings Gerrymandering Questions to State Court

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nathan Bedford Forrest Day sparks outrage in Tennessee … California lawmakers attempt to ban Trump from the ballot … Black out in New York City sparks tension between mayor and governor.

Letting Homeless Students Sleep on Campus—In Their Cars

A bill in the California State Legislature would require community colleges to allow many homeless students to sleep in their cars in campus parking lots.

As Hate Incidents Rise, States Require Teaching the Holocaust

How does hate today relate to the Holocaust? Students in many states can learn.

Border City Mayors Say Congress Has Not Given Enough Money for Migrant Care

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California legislature passes wildfire package … Tennessee legislator tries to oust representative accused of sexual assault … Female reporter denied from covering Mississippi gubernatorial candidate.

Heaps of Cash, Strong Odors and Other Challenges With Local Pot Regulation

“We’ve been basically building this airplane as we fly it,” said one local official as he discussed his county’s efforts to implement recreational marijuana legalization.

How a State Police Agency Goes Viral (and Maybe Teaches People How to Drive)

The Colorado State Patrol develops relationships with the community and grows its online presence by posting humorous topical videos, a project spearheaded by one of its public information officers.

Why State and Local Governments Are Suing Over Climate Change

Following in the path of lawsuits brought against tobacco companies in the 1990s, cities and states are seeking to use the courts to hold fossil fuel companies liable for damages caused by climate change.

How a Tiny Mountain Town Quadrupled Parking Fees

Nevada City, California, used to advertise its “bargain” parking meters. Now they’re getting more expensive to protect the town against an existential threat.

When Millions Can’t Afford to Retire, the U.S. Needs a Better Option

COMMENTARY | When tens of millions of people all have the same problem, it’s not a failure of individual initiative.

Cities, States Brace for Immigration Raids

Deportations will start with migrants who are under removal orders signed by an immigration judge.

A City Government Tries to Figure Out Social Media Rules After Legal Challenge

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California fails to pass bill for clergy reporting sexual abuse … Potential hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast this week … Maine considers forming a public utility monopoly.

Trump Opts for Federal Records Analysis Over Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

The decision ends weeks of turmoil over the census matter, with the president ordering government agencies to turn over records to the Department of Commerce that will enable the agency to count the number of non-citizens in the United States.

What Will Local Government Look Like in Space?

Lessons from early American colonies might provide best practices and cautionary lessons for future settlements on other planets.

Many College Students Are Too Poor to Eat

But no one can agree on just how many. Now lawmakers are introducing a bill to change that.

Oregon Marijuana Surplus a Cautionary Tale for Other States

The state has enough marijuana to satisfy buyers for more than six years.

Wisconsin Republicans Propose Limiting Gubernatorial Veto Power

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Court rules former Missouri governor did not violate transparency laws … San Jose mayor calls for oversight of PG&E … Officials in Seattle’s King County violated state sanctuary law by sharing information with ICE.