The Legislative Push to Bring Back Cursive

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are seeking to mandate cursive handwriting education in schools—part of a growing state trend.

‘It’s Time to Overhaul the System’: Why Socialists Are Taking Aim at City Councils

Across the country, members of the Democratic Socialists of America have been elected to city councils running on platforms that reject capitalism and promote working class interests.

Sanctuary Cities Protecting Gun Rights and the Unborn Challenge the Legitimacy of Federal Law

COMMENTARY | Sanctuaries rest on a controversial understanding of what the Constitution means, as well as who has the responsibility for determining its meaning.

Effort to Recall Oregon Governor Fails to Gain Enough Signatures

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Michigan considers new rules for counselors … California governor said PG&E should pay for power shutoffs … Rhode Island to take over Providence school system.

Midwest Cities Among the Worst Places to Live for African Americans

A new report finds that the Midwest has some of the highest racial disparities in the country across factors like education, employment, income, homeownership, and access to healthcare.

Your Neighbor’s Christian Education, Courtesy of Your Tax Dollars

The Supreme Court is set to hear one of the most notable “Church and state” cases in years.

Texas Chief Information Officer Shares Lessons Learned from Ransomware Attack

The 23 municipalities hit in a July ransomware attack put themselves at risk by failing “to follow good cyber hygiene,” the state’s CIO said.

Legislators Aim to Curb Anti-Semitism by Requiring Classes on the Holocaust

A proposed bill would make Massachusetts the 13th state to mandate students learn about the Holocaust as part of public school curriculum.

More States and Cities Getting Interested in Ranked Choice Voting

Proponents say ranked choice voting could lessen polarization and make third party options more viable.

More States Say Goodbye to Columbus Day

The debate over the holiday has split more statehouses this year, growing heated as it touches on immigration, race and equality at a time when those issues increasingly divide the country.

New York City Considers Forcing Landlords to Provide Physical Keys to Curb Facial Recognition Tech

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Rule change in Alaska would allow the attorney general to defend governor … California passes sweeping rent control laws … Illinois gas tax brings in millions in revenue.

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A City Moves Toward Letting Non-Citizen Residents Vote in Local Elections

In Burlington, Vermont, the city council passed a resolution in favor of allowing legal permanent residents and refugees to vote in local elections.

How and Why Parks Spur Gentrification in Cities

While green spaces are often linked to gentrification, new research shows certain types and characteristics of urban parks play a much greater role than others.

Power Cut For 800,000 California Residents In Attempt to Avoid Wildfires

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Montgomery elects first black mayor … Rule changes for lawmakers with disabilities in Wisconsin … New York County asks for state oversight of air quality.

Tackling the Teacher-Student Diversity Gap in K-12 Schools

A partnership between a university and three community colleges in California aims to create more bilingual teachers while also diversifying the state's teacher pool.

America's Hottest Cities for Urban Planners

You might think planners—and urbanists in general—congregate in big coastal metros. But planning jobs are growing fastest elsewhere.

Florida Governor Proposes New Starting Salary For Teachers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Los Angeles city council president proposes public bank … New Jersey testing lead levels in school water fountains … Trump fights with Minneapolis mayor over rally.

How Housing Wealth Transferred From Families to Corporations

The Great Housing Reset has led to growing numbers of single-family homes shifting from owner-occupied housing to investment vehicles for large corporations.

How One Community Embraced and Saved its Oddball Roadside Attraction

Facing safety concerns, Jones County, Iowa found a way to preserve its famed hula hoop tree.

Barred from Removing Confederate Statues, Cities Are Contextualizing Them Instead

Some cities are adding plaques and launching educational initiatives to tell a more complete story of the Civil War. But even if they aren’t removing Confederate statues, some still face pushback.