'Inhumane' Jail Conditions Could Cost Ohio County Millions

Cuyahoga County jail made national headlines when videos of abuse behind bars went viral earlier this year. Now some county officials are saying taxpayers will pay the price.

Are State-Mandated Quotas for Women on Corporate Boards Effective?

In 2018, California passed a bill requiring companies to have at least one woman on their board. A mid-year report shows just how hard that law will be to enforce.

California’s Wildfires Are 500 Percent Larger Due to Climate Change

“Each degree of warming causes way more fire than the previous degree of warming did. And that’s a really big deal.”

To Save a Neighborhood, Ban a Dollar Store?

Some local governments hope that more grocery stores will blossom in “food deserts” if the number of discount convenience retailers can be limited.

Voting by Phone Is Easy. But Is It Secure?

Next year, Democrats in two states can caucus using their phones.

Republicans in Oregon Launch Recall Effort of Democratic Governor

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mayors testify before Congress about climate change … Alaska legislators sue the governor over education funding … Jury finds former governor of Iowa discriminated against gay state official.

Federal Agencies Heads Are Shifting Power Toward States

Federal officials have had too much discretion to institute their personal policy preferences, administration officials say.

As Temperatures Heat Up, Cities Need to Keep People Safe

A new guidebook, released by a disaster relief agency, offers strategies for cities to prepare for and learn from stretches of hot weather.

Can Protecting Land Promote Employment?

COMMENTARY | In New England, the answer is yes.

Why Electric Scooters Companies Are Getting Serious About Safety

Lime has joined rival Bird in establishing a safety advisory board tasked with helping the e-scooter industry shape local regulations—and shake its risky reputation.

California Eliminates Student Debt for Doctors Who Will Serve Medi-Cal Patients

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | No charges brought against NYPD officer in Eric Garner’s death … San Diego passes measure for gun lock ups … Indiana declares disaster over crop yield.

Black Homeownership Hits A 50-Year Low

The gap between white and black homeownership has also remained largely the same since the 1960s, despite economic and political gains that African Americans have achieved since then.

Why Local Governments Are Considering Balloon Release Bans

Releasing balloons is tantamount to littering, according to one Maryland elected official.

North Carolina Brings Gerrymandering Questions to State Court

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nathan Bedford Forrest Day sparks outrage in Tennessee … California lawmakers attempt to ban Trump from the ballot … Black out in New York City sparks tension between mayor and governor.

Letting Homeless Students Sleep on Campus—In Their Cars

A bill in the California State Legislature would require community colleges to allow many homeless students to sleep in their cars in campus parking lots.

As Hate Incidents Rise, States Require Teaching the Holocaust

How does hate today relate to the Holocaust? Students in many states can learn.

Border City Mayors Say Congress Has Not Given Enough Money for Migrant Care

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California legislature passes wildfire package … Tennessee legislator tries to oust representative accused of sexual assault … Female reporter denied from covering Mississippi gubernatorial candidate.

Heaps of Cash, Strong Odors and Other Challenges With Local Pot Regulation

“We’ve been basically building this airplane as we fly it,” said one local official as he discussed his county’s efforts to implement recreational marijuana legalization.