Q&A: An Oregon Mayor Talks Tax Reform and DACA on Capitol Hill

Gresham’s Shane Bemis, a Republican, is among the U.S. Conference of Mayors members visiting the nation's capital ahead of the Republicans releasing their tax reform proposal.

Durham's Confederate Statue Comes Down

Unwilling to wait for local officials to act to take down a Civil War monument, a group of protesters took matters into their own hands Monday night.

‘Bridgegate’ Mastermind Avoids Prison Sentence

Former Chris Christie ally David Wildstein received three years of probation for his involvement in the scandal.

Facing Impeachment, Alabama's 'Luv Guv' Resigns

The proximate cause of Robert Bentley’s downfall was not sexual misconduct itself. It was another instance of the coverup being always worse than the crime.

The High Price of a Montana Liquor License; S.C. Gov. Hits Trump up for $5 Billion for Infrastructure

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Utah’s public lands agenda upsets outdoorsmen; Baltimore City Council reverses course on minimum wage; a two-year review of Ohio’s transparency efforts

Cities vs. Trump: Round 1

The city attorney of San Francisco, Dennis Herrera, just filed a lawsuit against the administration, citing a constitutional provision limiting federal power over states and localities.

Key Findings From 50-State Assessment of Evidence-Based Policymaking

Five states lead the way in this approach, as most others show modest levels of engagement.

Trump’s Immigration Executive Order Gives Some Local Governments Pause

Miami-Dade County leads a flurry of jurisdictions distancing themselves from “sanctuary city” status for fear of losing federal grant money.

As More Voters Legalize Marijuana, States Left With Regulatory Hurdles

Lawmakers and regulators are often left to iron out complicated rules after voters back legal marijuana through ballot initiatives.

In Tide of Red Ink, Some States Show Surpluses

The budget winners avoided deep tax cuts and maintained robust rainy day funds.

ACA Repeal Threatens Maine's Rural Hospitals; RV Tax Evasion in Montana

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Denver debuts connected neighborhood; Texas vs. county on immigration; Uber drivers sleeping in cars

Never Been Married? In Philadelphia, You’re Not Alone.

Although Philadelphia's percentage of adults who never married stands out among the most populous cities, it is very much in keeping with those of other high-poverty cities.

N.C.’s Last-Ditch Medicaid Expansion Push; Don’t Slip on Michigan’s Sidewalks

Connecticut government braces for revenue estimates; N.Y. gov. attempts to privatize horse-racing again; AFSCME may strike in Illinois

Video: Goats Help Prevent Wildfires in Southern California

Caltrans utilizes the animals to eat invasive species and eliminate potential ignition points that could blow up into big fires.

Texas Lt. Gov. Not Worried About N.C.-Style Backlash; Delaware Ex-Mayor’s Email Surprise

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: More state legislative updates; a bad audit for a Florida state agency’s IT; L.A. County’s one-stop shop for immigration defense

U.S. Supreme Court Puts North Carolina's 2017 Elections on Hold

After a lower court ordered unusual legislative contests this year to mitigate unconstitutional racial gerrymandering, the justices temporarily stayed the order.

Chris Christie: ‘Arresting, Jailing, Stigmatizing the Victims Will Not Make It Better’

In his State of the State Address, the New Jersey governor laid out plans to address drug abuse and the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Where Gerrymandering Is Containing City Power

To resist the current political peril, just boost the urban voter turnout, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Iowa Gov. Details $110 Million in Budget Cuts; Hope vs. Reality in Olympia

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: More state legislative updates; L.A. legal settlements strain city finances; and Denver police horse euthanized after neglect.

The Gaps in New York's Free-College Plan

Critics worry that the students who need the most help might be among the least likely to receive it.