Deploying Body-Worn Cameras in a County Jail

A sheriff's office in Wyoming recently began using body-worn cameras on deputies working inside the county jail, the first in the state to test the technology in a correctional setting.

A State Could Open Up a Window for Adult Sex Abuse Survivors to Sue Over Old Allegations

Legislation introduced in the New York state legislature would create a one-year period for people to file lawsuits in cases where the statute of limitations has expired.

Body Cameras May Not Be the Easy Answer Everyone Was Looking For

Four states last year considered requiring police body cameras.

Five States Diverted 911 Fees For Other Purposes, FCC Says

Montana was removed from the list of states shamed by the federal agency after the state banned the practice of diverting these funds.

Kansas City Sues Gunmaker and Others Over Alleged Firearm Trafficking

The lawsuit by the Missouri city is the first one a municipality has filed against the gun industry in over 10 years, officials say.

California’s Jails Are in a Deadly Crisis. Here’s How Experts Suggest Fixing Them.

An investigation by McClatchy and ProPublica found unchecked violence and inhumane conditions in county jails, but the state’s oversight agency has no power to stop it. Experts say that needs to change.

Another State to Consider Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders

A new bill introduced in Tennessee mimics legislation passed last year in Alabama that would require chemical castration of those convicted of child sex offenses as a condition of parole.

Kentucky Attorney General Asks FBI to Investigate Former Governor’s Pardons

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nebraska legislature considers law to protect teachers … Virginia governor wants statue of Robert E. Lee removed from U.S. Capitol … New Mexico implements parental leave for state employees.

Yeah, It’s an Uber. Buckle Up Anyway.

States since 2015 that passed laws requiring rear seat belt use: two.

How One Election May Have Shifted the Bar for Gun Control

After winning control of the Virginia statehouse, Democrats in 2020 are poised to pass gun control measures. It’s already set up a battle with local leaders in conservative parts of the state.

New Tech Opens New Doors for Public Safety

COMMENTARY | The growing use of artificial intelligence will offer cities more advanced methods to detect safety and security threats.

Afterschool Key to Preventing Juvenile Crime, But Too Often Isn’t Available

COMMENTARY | Afterschool programming helps children excel in school and stay out of trouble. But across the country, demand outpaces supply.

Chicago Is Making the Case for Releasing Pregnant Inmates

Women in jail typically have limited prenatal support and return to custody soon after giving birth. One program is testing a different approach.

Pennsylvania Classifies Self-Assembled Gun Kits as Firearms In Order to Regulate Them

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Baltimore City Councilmember proposes tax credit for city workers … New Kentucky governor eliminates Medicaid work requirements … Atlanta to seal some marijuana convictions.

A Stunning Vote Reversal in a Controversial First Amendment Case

Are protest organizers liable for violence that happens at their events?

Death Penalty Used by an Increasingly Small Number of States

Seven states executed 22 inmates this year, the second lowest number of executions since 1991.

Governor’s Pardons Before Leaving Office Prompts One State Lawmaker to Propose Restrictions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Tax reform in Utah … Oakland considers housing homeless people on cruise ship … Virginia governor wants tuition-free community college.

New York City Starts Police Department Unit to Monitor Far-Right Extremism

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Shooting in Jersey City … Lawmaker in Georgia wants state to apologize for slavery … Pennsylvania introduces mandatory minimums into criminal justice reform bill.

Appeals Court Sides With Activist In Challenge Over City’s Bullhorn Restrictions

The California case concerns whether local permitting requirements for using megaphones and other sound amplification equipment infringe on free speech.