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Shannon Rahming, Nevada State CIO, On New Tech and Supporting First Responders


Connecting state and local government leaders

From purchasing and cybersecurity to critical communications for emergency response, Rahming and Nevada are pushing state IT forward on a number of fronts.

Shannon Rahming, Chief Information Officer for the state of Nevada, made time to sit down with Route Fifty at the National Association of State Chief Information Officer’s conference in Austin, Texas this week for a wide ranging discussion on technology in the Silver State.

Just 36 hours removed from the shooting in Las Vegas, Rahming told Route Fifty, “I can tell you that here at NASCIO every vendor has come up to me and said ‘anything we can do, please let us know and we will,’ and we’re very appreciative of that.”

Rahming explained to Route Fifty how her office supports first responders by ensuring they have the data they need to make decisions and critical voice communications across what is a large and primarily rural state. Rahming explained how the state has already begun working with the FirstNet authority, responsible for building a nationwide public safety broadband network to support emergency responders. The talks include building additional towers and also having the state “augment” the FirstNet build out to “make it better for everyone in the state of Nevada.”

The amount of IT projects Rahming and her colleagues are tackling in the state is staggering:  building purchasing contracts to save local governments money when they invest in technology, a new Office of Cyber Defense Coordination, and refreshing their network in a way that disperses it across the state—increasing disaster recovery capabilities and allowing for much faster data access day-to-day.

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