Animal Welfare

29 Dogs Died in a Kennel Fire. Legislators Hope to Prevent it From Happening Again.

Illinois became the first state in the country to mandate safety protections for dogs and cats in kennel facilities.

Making It Easier to Rescue Dogs Trapped in Hot Cars

Firefighters and paramedics can now legally break windows to rescue pets left in hot and cold cars under a new law in New York.

Cat Declawing Might Be Banned In This State

New York lawmakers passed what could be the first statewide prohibition on surgeries to remove cats' claws.

Abandoning a Dog During a Hurricane Would Become Illegal Under State Proposal

A Florida bill proposes possible jail time or fines for leaving a dog tethered outside in a storm.

Shelter Animals Become Official State Pets

To highlight the availability of adoptable animals at shelters, lawmakers in several states are giving them a special status.

Why Eating Roadkill Makes Roads Safer for People and Animals

States are legalizing roadkill salvaging to feed communities and track animal migration.

Supreme Court Rejects Challenges Over State Farm Animal Laws

California and Massachusetts standards for the confinement of livestock have drawn opposition from other states.

New Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims—and Their Pets

Brooklyn's newest domestic violence shelter allows abuse victims to move in with their pets, eliminating a key hurdle to seeking help.

Dogs Dining on Patios Are Illegal Interlopers No More

Some bar and restaurant owners see people with dogs as important customers on patios and other outside places. In nine states, that's now legal.

Fido Survived the Research Lab. Now What?

Maryland just became the seventh state to enact a “Beagle Freedom” law.

Distracted Dogging: Legal in Most States, Controversial in All

Driving with an animal in your lap may be fun, but it’s extremely dangerous for the driver, passengers, other motorists and the pet, traffic safety experts say.

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‘Puppy Mills’ Targeted by One State, Activists Seek Others

States and cities move to ban retail sales of “puppy mill” dogs.

Wild Turkeys Drawn to Their Reflection Highlight an Unusual Human Policy Challenge

Building design can easily confuse avian creatures. Here are steps to keep birds of various feathers from flocking together where you don’t want them.

Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Natural Disasters Show Need for Pet-Friendly Shelters

"If we can remove the barrier of leaving a pet behind by creating more pet-friendly domestic violence shelters, more lives can be saved," according to the president and CEO of nonprofit group Red Rover.

Tightening the Leash on Fake Service Dogs

Can states stop people from trying to pass off their pets as service animals?

How Dog Lovers Sparked Laws That Could Save Kids in Hot Cars

This year, at least five states have enacted laws to protect bystanders from being sued for breaking a car window to rescue a child in an emergency.

By the Numbers: Nuisance Alligator Incidents in Florida

There are an estimated 1.3 million wild alligators in the Sunshine State and it’s the time of year they most mix with people.

Plague Case Leads to Feral Cat Roundup in Albuquerque

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Pittsburgh’s mayor is “folksy;” N.M. Gov. vetoes all university funding; L.A. County likes its sanctuary cities.

How Some Alaska Cities Try to Outsmart Bears

In Juneau, garbage management has to take hungry animals into account.