By the Numbers: Nuisance Alligator Incidents in Florida

There are an estimated 1.3 million wild alligators in the Sunshine State and it’s the time of year they most mix with people.

Plague Case Leads to Feral Cat Roundup in Albuquerque

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Pittsburgh’s mayor is “folksy;” N.M. Gov. vetoes all university funding; L.A. County likes its sanctuary cities.

How Some Alaska Cities Try to Outsmart Bears

In Juneau, garbage management has to take hungry animals into account.

Farmers Push Back Against State Animal Welfare Laws

Consumers increasingly are demanding farmers change the way they raise livestock and poultry. But some farmers are pushing for laws to let them continue doing business as usual.

BLM Releases Final California Desert Management Plan

Landmark collaboration to provide landscape-level approach to protecting wildlife habitat

Are Animal Hoarders Criminals?

Reports of animal hoarding are on the rise, leaving states and localities deciding whether to prosecute or deal with the underlying mental problem that leads to it.

Florida Wildlife Agency: Don’t Paint Turtles or Tortoises

Authorities are trying to discourage people from engaging in a practice that is harmful to the shelled reptiles, and can be illegal under Florida state law.

Dog Equity Dispute Prompts Texas Suburb to Evict Cat at Local Library

Despite pleas from children, councilman says “City Hall and city businesses are no place for animals.”

Local Officials to the Rescue for One Bear, One Kitten and Nine Ducklings

When animals need rescuing, local government workers come together and lend a helping hand.

By Curbing Roundups and ‘Gassing,’ States Seek to Help the Hated Rattlesnake

Some states are trying to give the venomous pit vipers better odds of survival.

California's Catastrophic, Drought-Driven Tree Deaths Threaten Wildfires This Summer

Bark beetles have killed more than 29 million trees among the Sierra Nevada mountains, putting the state's wildlife, water supply and air quality all at risk.

State Wildlife Officers Stop Florida Man With Gator Parts Strewn All Over His Truck

The Sunshine State’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recorded at least 154 alligator-related violations last year.

Removing a Whale Carcass Can Be a Vexing Local Governmental Headache

Disposing of a smelly, decomposing whale isn’t a simple process, as many localities discover when blubber starts to ooze out on the beach.

Too Many Dead Dogs in Dallas; SoCal Water District’s Short-Shower Playlist

Also: Hazardous air quality in Spokane and a police officer’s ‘less welfare, food stamp people’ comments.