Campaigns & Elections

Trump Campaign, Republican Party Sue Nevada Over Expanded Vote-by-Mail

President Trump has claimed that sending all voters an absentee ballot will make “it impossible for Republicans to win the state.”

Lawmakers Express Concern Over How USPS Will Handle November Election

With more voters choosing mail-in ballots, lawmakers want to know how the U.S. Postal Service is preparing for November.

How Your Local Election Clerk Is Fighting Global Disinformation

Russians don’t have to change votes. They can change minds.

The Protests Are Already Changing Elections

The past few weeks of activism have directly fueled the wins of a handful of black progressive candidates.

Trump’s Attacks on Vote-by-Mail Worry Some Election Officials

Experts fear the president’s outbursts could threaten the integrity of the general election.

Florida Can't Stop Ex-Felons From Voting If They Can't Pay Fines, Judge Rules

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia's governor caught in crowds without mask ... North Dakota governor tearfully pleads for masks not to be partisan ... County fairs could go on in Nebraska.

Critics Question New York’s Decision to Cancel Presidential Primary

The decision to cancel the state’s Democratic presidential primary during the coronavirus pandemic was necessary, officials say. But election observers are worried that cancelling could set a dangerous precedent.

The Supreme Court’s Wisconsin Decision Is a Terrible Sign for November

COMMENTARY | The justices are forcing citizens to choose between voting and staying safe from the coronavirus. This fall’s election could be no different.

Do Older Taxpayers Balk at Supporting Schools?

COMMENTARY | In certain places, opponents to new school taxes are finding success by courting older voters.

Even Before Iowa, Caucuses Were on Their Way Out

The chaos in Iowa exacerbated pressure to ditch party-run caucuses.

Iowa Caucuses Did One Thing Right: Require Paper Ballots

COMMENTARY | Although there will rightly be a lot of retrospection about what went wrong with the Iowa caucuses, the use of paper ballots as a backup means the event will also be a case study in how to recover from a poorly run election.

Why the Iowa Caucus Birthed a Thousand Conspiracy Theories

COMMENTARY | A panicked electorate is more susceptible to believing claims without evidence.

With Big Spending on School Board Races, A State Lawmaker Seeks to Cap Contributions

Colorado currently does not have any limits in place for individual donors giving money to local school board candidates.

For 2020 Election, States Debate Who’s Allowed to Vote

Lawsuits and new voting bills will dominate several states this year.

A Reckoning Over Iowa

The privileged status of the early-voting states could come under threat if they elevate a candidate next month who ultimately loses to Donald Trump.

Seattle Passes Campaign Finance Restriction Targeting Corporate Donations

The bill approved by the city council would prevent any company with 5% of its stocks held by foreign individuals or companies from donating to local elections.

Ensuring That People Can Easily Understand the Ballot Measures They’re Voting On

A Maryland bill would set new guidelines for describing proposals put on the ballot in plain language.

Utah Tests Ranked-Choice Voting’s Conservative Appeal

If Utah embraces the system, other Republican-leaning states may follow.

The Tumultuous Life of an Independent Redistricting Commissioner

The independent chairwoman of Arizona's citizen-led redistricting commission became the target of intense organized opposition from tea party-inspired residents and Republican lawmakers to her leadership and the new maps she supported.

The Way America Votes Is Broken. In One Rural County, a Nonprofit Showed a Way Forward.

In Mississippi last week, a seamless performance by a new set of voting machines took place amid widespread anxiety about election integrity.