Movement to Allow Campaign Funds to Pay for Child Care Dealt Setback in Connecticut

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Amazon to locate new offices across a very short bridge ... Arizona considers fining teachers for influencing student political views … St. Paul loses its bikes.

Voter ID Laws Don’t Seem to Suppress Minority Votes—Despite What Many Claim

COMMENTARY | States may have passed these laws with the aim of reducing turnout. But new evidence suggests that they have a minimal or nonexistent effect.

Purdue Pharma Settles With Oklahoma in Major Opioid Crisis Lawsuit

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | The states that would benefit most from Dreamer protections … What to wear to survey flood damage ... Importing drugs from Canada for prisoners.

Political Candidates Don’t Always Tell the Truth (And You Can’t Make Them)

States have tried to prohibit candidates from telling lies in political advertisements. But the experience in Montana and other states shows that isn't so easy.

Totally Not Recalled: In Election Night Twist, Embattled Mayor Loses and Wins

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A new teen marriage law in Utah … A possible hit coming to health care in pension-crisis rocked Kentucky… A North Carolina mayor leaves office while decrying the “social disease” of social media.

Federal Cyber Chief Warns All Political Candidates 'Everybody's a Potential Target'

There’s no telling what races online adversaries might try to sway, says a Homeland Security official.

Elections Are Broken Because They Aren’t About the Voters

COMMENTARY | To improve our election system, let’s focus on who votes, not who wins.

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Counties From Purging Voters

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Flooding isolates Northern California cities … snowed-in Oregon town faces lengthy power outages … and boosting Alabama’s gas tax.

New York's Online Voter Registration Will Become Accessible to Blind Voters

Websites for the board of elections and DMV must be accessible by the end of the year under the terms of a lawsuit settlement.

Chicago Mayoral Election Could Bring a ‘Nightmare Scenario’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oakland teachers strike continues … boosting teacher pay in Texas … and Florida mayor ‘socialized with people of dubious repute.’

Federal Agencies Ramp Up Classified Plans to Protect 2020 Elections

The departments of Justice and Homeland Security delivered their joint review of meddling during 2018 to the White House.

State Integration of GIS Into Elections Is Slow Going

The scattered nature of voter information is the biggest hurdle, but geospatial data can mean the difference between a voter receiving the proper ballot.

Why States Should Be Watching Rhode Island’s Election Audit Pilots

The state is expected to be the second to turn to risk-limiting audits but the first with polling places to do so, and it has yet to choose from among three methods.

After a Messy Election, a Push to Make Voting Easier

Bipartisan efforts across states offer a lot of ideas: automatic voter registration, vote-by-mail, and the restoration of voting rights for people convicted of felonies.

It’s Not All About Millennials. Mayors Look to Engage With Seniors.

“The majority of the people that will show up on Election Day are going to be older voters,” notes an AARP representative.

New Efforts Will Push Redistricting Reform in States

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama don’t agree on much—but they’ve both turned gerrymandering into their main political cause for the years ahead.

Election Security is a Key Part of House Democrats' Reform Bill

H.R. 1 would codify many of the security measures lawmakers have pushed for the last two years.

The Supreme Court Could Make Gerrymandering Worse

ANALYSIS | It likely won’t rule partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional. Instead, it may disallow independent redistricting commissions.

When A State Needs an Election Do-Over

Some North Carolina voters could be headed back to the polls.