State Integration of GIS Into Elections Is Slow Going

The scattered nature of voter information is the biggest hurdle, but geospatial data can mean the difference between a voter receiving the proper ballot.

Why States Should Be Watching Rhode Island’s Election Audit Pilots

The state is expected to be the second to turn to risk-limiting audits but the first with polling places to do so, and it has yet to choose from among three methods.

After a Messy Election, a Push to Make Voting Easier

Bipartisan efforts across states offer a lot of ideas: automatic voter registration, vote-by-mail, and the restoration of voting rights for people convicted of felonies.

It’s Not All About Millennials. Mayors Look to Engage With Seniors.

“The majority of the people that will show up on Election Day are going to be older voters,” notes an AARP representative.

New Efforts Will Push Redistricting Reform in States

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama don’t agree on much—but they’ve both turned gerrymandering into their main political cause for the years ahead.

Election Security is a Key Part of House Democrats' Reform Bill

H.R. 1 would codify many of the security measures lawmakers have pushed for the last two years.

The Supreme Court Could Make Gerrymandering Worse

ANALYSIS | It likely won’t rule partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional. Instead, it may disallow independent redistricting commissions.

When A State Needs an Election Do-Over

Some North Carolina voters could be headed back to the polls.

Wisconsin’s Outgoing Governor OKs Bills to Limit Executive Powers of His Successor

Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers criticized the legislation as ignoring "the will of the people."

Wisconsin Legislators Burn the Midnight Oil on GOP’s Lame-Duck Power Grab

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Los Angeles straw rules; N.Y.C. mayor stumbles on commissioner’s botched firing … and chronic wasting disease cleanup.

Election Reforms in Colorado Lead to Surge of Unaffiliated Voters

Four months after the state’s open primary, unaffiliated general election voters turned out in record numbers.

After Midterms, Democrats Now Hold a Majority of State AG Offices

“They’ve been very aggressive, banding together across state lines to challenge a variety of policies,” one expert said about Democratic responses to the Trump administration.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s War on Gerrymandering Is Just Beginning

The former California governor helped support multiple ballot measures this year that will change how legislative districts are drawn. He already has his eye on more reforms in 2020.

From Pensions to Pot, Lawmakers Outline Post-Election Priorities

“I think this is where the action is going to be,” says one expert, referring to state legislatures in the coming months.

The Suburbs Are America’s Emerging Political ‘Battleground’

Midterm elections highlighted the nation’s growing urban-rural divide, according to Brookings experts.

Washington Voters Approve Ban on Local Soda and Grocery Taxes

The initiative drew over $20 million of support from soft drink companies and others. A similar proposal in Oregon failed.

This Is One of the Hardest Places to Vote in America

This Election Day, there were complaints across the country about problems with voting.

Despite Democratic Gains, GOP Still Dominant in State Legislatures

Republicans now hold about two dozen more state legislative chambers around the U.S. than Democrats.

Mixed Results for Democrats in Battleground Governors Races

Democrats picked up seven seats, but also lost a few competitive races.