Electric Scooters Come to Charlotte

Charlotte is the third city on the East Coast to get electric scooters, following Washington, D.C. in March and Miami in April.

America’s Fight for Independence Has Always Been Local

In North Carolina, Mecklenburg County’s 1775 declaration may have been the first exertion by Americans to formalize the value of self-governance.

Charlotte Is Among 5 Cities Developing More Inclusive Procurement

“We know that diverse and equitable communities tend to be more economically and civically vibrant and experience more growth,” said a Living Cities employee of its latest City Accelerator cohort.

Why It’s So Hard to Get Ahead in the South

In Charlotte and other Southern cities, poor children have the lowest odds of making it to the top income bracket of kids anywhere in the country. Why?

The End of North Carolina's HB2?

Charlotte voted Monday morning to repeal an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance, reportedly the first part of a deal to erase the state’s controversial “bathroom bill.”

Special Session for N.C.’s ‘Bathroom Bill’; FEMA Trailer Frustrations in Louisiana

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Minneapolis may defect from regional group; Barrow, Alaska, is no more; and a Sacramento-area park “ruined.”

No Charges for Charlotte Police Officer Involved in Shooting Death

Mecklenburg County's district attorney said Officer Brentley Vinson "acted lawfully" when he shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, a black man.

Third Night of Charlotte Protests Largely Peaceful

The family of Keith Lamont Scott, who was shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Tuesday, wants video of the incident publicly released.

Charlotte Leaders Stand Firm Against N.C. Gov.; Miami Neighborhood Breathes Sigh of Relief

Bridgegate opening statements and what Christie knew; Philly City Hall’s new resident survey; legal settlements in Columbus.

Navigator Award Finalist: Amy Aussieker, Envision Charlotte

A successful cross-sector project to reduce energy consumption in North Carolina’s largest city is laying the foundation for similar collaborations in other places.

The NBA’s Reaction to North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’

The league will move the 2017 All-Star Game because of the law.

'Just Let Charlotte Be Charlotte'

Mayor Jennifer Roberts on urban growth, tolerance, poverty, and why rural areas and cities need different rules: America isn’t “one-size-fits-all.”

Charlotte Will Rethink Negative City Signage With a Knight Grant

Municipal signs often tell residents what not to do, but what about things they might not know they can do in public spaces?

Did Your City’s Mayor Make These ‘Tweet Elite’ Rankings?

Baltimore’s mayor at No. 1 makes sense, but the top tweeters based on audience, frequency, responsiveness, engagement and influence might surprise you.

North Carolina's LGBT Bill Sparks Business Backlash

The legislation, passed last week by the General Assembly and approved by Gov. Pat McCrory, pits the state Republican Party’s desire to be friendly to business friendliness against its social conservatism.

LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinances Overturned in N.C.

Republican lawmakers made quick work of Charlotte's new measure allowing transgender people to use restrooms for the gender they identify with.

Helping to Close the 'Data Gap' at City Halls Across the Nation

Lack of training and resources challenge U.S. municipalities trying to improve their decisionmaking processes, according to a new What Works Cities report.

How Charlotte Is Helping Cities Like Dallas Develop Smarter Infrastructure

A new federal initiative, Envision America, will help adapt the Queen City’s best practices for a Dallas Innovation Alliance mass transit solution.

These Two Major Metros Saw a Decrease in Small Business Activity in 2015

Charlotte was one them, according to the Kauffman Foundation's new Main Street Entrepreneurship Index.

The Problem With Public Transit in Small Cities

Residents of booming metros like Charlotte and Nashville love their cars, so support—and justification—for expanding bus and rail systems is hard to find.