Chief Information Officers

How North Dakota IT Plans to Reinvent Business Services

Low unemployment across the state poses a threat to talent recruitment.

New York IT Homes in on Agencies’ Business Challenges

Technology solutions come second, said the state’s executive deputy CIO.

Kentucky’s Approach to Modernizing State Agency Apps

Service delivery is the focus of CIO Chuck Grindle’s second year at the IT helm.

How Mississippi IT Is Getting More Nimble

Craig Orgeron has embraced the “CIO-as-a-broker” model.

How North Carolina Kept 911 Up During Hurricane Florence

The Federal Communications Commission has since documented the effort’s success.

Tech Lessons Learned From the Devastation of Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands' CIOs discussed data security, relationships with wireless carriers and next-level training at NASCIO’s midyear conference.

How One Bay Area CIO Is Moving His County to the Cloud

Hyperconverged infrastructure has meant major savings for San Mateo County, California, as it bridges the technology divide between its disconnected and affluent cities.

Tricky Terrain Faced by State Chief Information Officers Highlighted in New Report

“They really kind of are the unsung heroes of government transformation,” says one industry expert.

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How an Interstate Deal With Massachusetts Is Helping Keep Connecticut’s Data Safe

Connecticut’s CIO discussed the disaster recovery arrangement at an event in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

How to Keep Key Talent Attracted to State Workforces

Employees are an investment, even if they are short term, a reality state CIOs must accept.

How Cities Are Leading the Way on Infrastructure Innovation

“While states weren’t looking, our cities became better governed, better managed places,” said Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore.

Public Sector CIO Advice: The Case for Automating Compliance

Responding to records requests quickly builds public trust.

State CIOs Eye Stronger Cyber Partnership With the Feds

The 30-some officials stressed the need for improved network defense and access to federal resources, during their annual Fly-In to Washington D.C.

State IT Accessibility Is Improving, But Here’s How It Can Get Even Better

Procurement reforms, innovation teams and testing policies are a few recommendations from experts at NASCIO’s midyear conference in Baltimore.

A Scalable, More Secure State Elections Website

Once plagued with traffic problems, Virginia election night reporting now relies on a hosted, cloud-based storage solution.