A Blue-Collar Version of Silicon Valley Takes Root in the Midwest

After years in the doldrums, the fortunes of Midwestern metro areas are rising.

Data USA Relaunches With More State and Local Visualizations

Cities from Cincinnati to Phoenix have incorporated the information into their own platforms.

Cincinnati Seeks P3 Deal to Develop a ‘Wi-Fi Superhighway’

“We want the marketplace to organically build this thing out,” according to City Manager Harry Black.

Municipal Insights That Involve More ‘Than Just Plotting Data Points on a Map’

Cincinnati has rolled out 14 interactive dashboards that are regularly updated and built upon the city’s open data portal.

Navigator Award Finalists: Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black and Team

Among all the impressive work being done at Cincinnati City Hall to improve services, there’s a great fix-it app, too.

How Cincinnati's Public Utilities Have Deployed Drone Aircraft

“Using drone technology we can do it in a matter of minutes, versus a matter of hours or days, and redirect human resources to other facets of the utility,” according to City Manager Harry Black.

Bomb Threat Temporarily Derails Cincinnati Streetcar Service; Louisiana Mayors Criticize FEMA Flood Response

Also in Our State and Local Weekend Digest: A push to bump Trump off Minnesota's ballot; condemnation of Israel boycott riles New Yorkers; and bees collateral damage in S.C. mosquito spraying.

How Apps Can Prompt Police Departments to Release More Stats

In trying to answer questions about U.S. crime using open data, app developers on the online analytics platform Foxtrot Code are requiring even more transparency from city officials.

Here’s How Cincinnati Plans to Pay for Street Care Without More Taxes

While keeping debt in line with or beneath current levels, the city aims to use short-term borrowing to help fund paving and other maintenance in the coming years.

Cincinnati Takes Big Step to Improve Its Permitting Process

While it’s important to improve online services, Ohio’s third-largest city has upgraded the brick-and-mortar experience, too.

Data Is the Fuel That Turns the Gears of Government

It's also powering incremental change that's improving operations and public services. Just look at Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s New Challenge Grants; Federal Lawsuit Over Kansas Voter Purge

Also: Oregon celebrates legalized marijuana sales and class-action litigation over Mississippi prison conditions moves forward.

Body-Camera Footage Gets an Officer Indicted for Murder in Cincinnati

After the video contradicted his account, a campus cop is charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black motorist.

How to Fix a Broken Police Department

Reforms were slow to take hold in Cincinnati, but when they did, they drove down crime while also reducing arrests.

Cincinnati Takes Big Step Forward to Improve Its Municipal Performance

Mayor Cranley: The Office of Performance and Data Analytics “is absolutely essential for us to meet expectations for good customer service.”

Cincinnati Sprints to Reform Its Development Approval Processes

City Hall has been changing its ways to respond to a downtown construction boom. And there’s a “new sheriff” in town.