County Government

White House Open to Loosening Rules for State and Local Aid Funds, Mnuchin Says

The Treasury Secretary also clashed with Sen. Sherrod Brown over how well-prepared the nation is currently to limit coronavirus risks as the economy begins to reopen.

Medical Examiners Seek To Expand Postmortem COVID Testing In Unexplained Deaths

Early in the outbreak, some coroners and medical examiners didn’t have enough tests to use for people who died unexpectedly at home to see whether the coronavirus was a factor. Now, with more testing available, more such mysteries can be solved.

Sending Support: Battling Isolation, Seniors Find Comfort in Pen Pals

Senior centers, nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the country have launched pen-pal programs to help older adults battle social isolation created by the coronavirus.

A Guide to Staying Safe as States Reopen

Can I eat at a restaurant? Can I go shopping? Can I hug my friends again? Experts weigh in.

Nearly 1 Million Job Losses Reported in State and Local Government Sector

Jobs figures released Friday show a decline that has plummeted beyond a low brought on by the Great Recession.

House Democrats’ Coronavirus Aid Plan Would Distribute County, City Funding by Population

Democrats want to include funding for local governments in their latest proposal, but are expected to meet resistance from Republican lawmakers.

Fed Expands Lending Program to Include More Counties and Cities

New guidelines for the initiative lower the population threshold for local governments to qualify, and allow for short-term debt to be repaid over a lengthier 36-month timeframe.

Is This Rural Community Really Texas’ Sickest County?

State data indicates that Donley County in the Panhandle has the highest coronavirus infection rate in Texas. But county Judge John Howard—also the only local doctor—believes that's because he's testing far more than other counties.

A California County Allows Sexual Assault Victims to Perform Their Own Forensic Exams During the Pandemic

The at-home rape kits are a temporary measure meant to ensure that victims of sexual assault continue to report their experiences in a timely manner, county officials said.

Prospect of Steep Service Cuts Looms as Virus Batters State and Local Budgets

“The longer this persists, the deeper it will be for state and locals and state and local cutbacks,” one expert noted this week.

Counties Say Virus Relief Fund is Shorting Them by Billions

The National Association of Counties is pushing to change federal guidelines for how the money will be distributed to states and larger-sized local governments.

There’s Been a Spike in People Dying at Home in Several Cities. That Suggests Coronavirus Deaths Are Higher Than Reported.

Coronavirus death counts are based on positive tests and driven by hospital deaths. But data from major metropolitan areas shows a spike in at-home deaths, prompting one expert to say current numbers were just “the tip of the iceberg.”

Too Much Food at Farms, Too Little Food in the Stores

Faced with a supply chain disrupted by the coronavirus, agriculture departments and farm bureaus are striving to connect farmers with food banks and potential buyers.

Retiree-Rich Palm Beach County Leads Florida In COVID-19 Deaths

Three factors contribute to the county's high mortality rate: a large elder population, lack of available testing, and frequent travel among residents and visitors to and from the New York metro area, the national epicenter of the outbreak.

'It Can Happen to Anybody': When Coronavirus Spreads at a Local Health Department

Six employees at the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department tested positive for coronavirus. All were key to the department's pandemic response plan, leaving officials scrambling to find replacements.

Canceling Everything Was the Easy Part

COMMENTARY | Shutting entire states down was painful but clearly necessary. Governors still have many ugly choices ahead of them.

Buddying Up For Quarantine: Animal Shelters Report Adoption Spikes Amid Pandemic Shutdowns

Requests to foster and adopt animals have skyrocketed across the country as Americans hunker down at home. But leaders at some animal shelters say they haven't seen the same boom, while all worry about future funding.

Cities and Counties Make Workforce Cuts as Coronavirus Financial Toll Mounts

Cincinnati this week announced it would place hundreds of workers on unpaid temporary leave. It’s just one of the places facing tough staffing decisions.

Lessons from States that Embraced Telework Before the Coronavirus

COMMENTARY | How to avoid certain pitfalls now that many—or most—employees must now work from home.