Delaware Corrections Officer Dies in Prison Standoff; Oregon’s Potential Pension Reforms

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Wyoming budget cuts; Alaska’s potential major gas tax hikes; and Texas, Florida legislation targets sanctuary cities.

Don't Blame Delaware

Its loose laws make it a tax haven, but other states' weak rules are also complicit.

The Tiny State Whose Laws Affect Workers Everywhere

Because so many companies are incorporated in Delaware, their cases fall under that state’s law, even when their operations and workforces are based elsewhere.

A Blow to Delaware's Death Penalty

The state supreme court ruled the sentencing scheme violated the Sixth Amendment’s right to a jury trial.

East Coast Blizzard Aids Delaware in Courtship of Austin Startup

Two entrepreneurs got the red carpet treatment in the First State, which wants to boost its tech credentials.

Delaware Divvies Up Seized Assets Without Oversight; South Dakota Preps for More Overdoses

Also: Pennsylvania leads successful veterans courts movement and Florida cities demand control over fracking and effective leadership on climate change.

States Slowly Scale Back Juvenile Sex Offender Registries

Many are concerned that putting juveniles on sex registries unfairly makes them targets of law enforcement.

When Residents Clash With Homeowner Associations, Some States Step In

Some states are creating ombudsman offices to handle the deluge of complaints that often land at state and local agencies.

Wildfires Burning Through Cash as Fast as Forest; Shell Oil Quits Arctic Seas

Also: Delaware brings private sector advisors in on budget planning and a Justice Department case that’s really not at all about polygamy in Utah.

Wilmington Phases In a Green Vehicle Fleet

Fewer but more fuel efficient, the 38 low-maintenance vehicles should save the Housing Authority in Delaware’s largest city $25,000 a year on average.

Americans Need Jobs, Not Populism

Instead of raging against a "rigged" system, Democrats should work together with business to build an economy that distributes its benefits more broadly.