District of Columbia

City Launches Annual 'Potholepalooza' to Repair Streets

Since 2009, the District of Columbia prioritizes and expedites pothole repairs for six weeks each year.

Local Law Against Obstructing Sidewalks Survives Another Round in Federal Court

The District of Columbia statute has been criticized for how it has been enforced against black residents in the city.

D.C. Airport First In Nation to Catch Suspected Imposter Using Facial Biometrics

After three days of operation, Washington Dulles International Airport’s biometric cameras identified a man allegedly attempting to use someone else’s passport to enter the U.S.

Universal Basic Income Could Help Poor D.C. Residents—But It’s Risky

The program could cost up to $9 billion a year and has the potential to put federal funding for other safety-net programs at risk, according to a policy analysis.

Cities Join the Branding Bonanza

The nation’s cities are among the many brands trying to promote themselves to innovators at SXSW.

SWAMP Act Would Use Bidding Process to Push Federal Agency HQs Outside D.C.

“There’s no reason why the Department of Agriculture has to be in the District of Columbia when it could be located in Indiana or another heartland state,” according to Indiana Congressman Luke Messer.

How D.C.’s Workforce System Ditched Its ‘High Risk’ Federal Designation

“Our turnaround has been focused on people,” said the director of the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services.

In an East-of-River Revitalization, D.C. Takes Lessons From Across the Country

In developing a key parcel in a historically underserved community, Mayor Muriel Bowser is working with experts from the Rose Center to ensure development supports current residents.

Route Fifty at SXSW: Our Interview With D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

“People live there, people start businesses in Washington, D.C., and we want people to come check out what we have to offer,” Bowser told Route Fifty in an interview at SXSW.

DARPA Tests Dirty-Bomb Hunting Ambulances

The detectors in Washington, D.C., gathered about 100,000 hours of data and traveled a total of about 150,000 miles.

This Tool Helped D.C. Police Better Allocate Resources Throughout Inauguration Weekend

Geospatial data aggregation informs day-to-day police work and security for large events.

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How D.C.'s Police Department Is Trying to Improve Data Analysis and Sharing

The Metropolitan Police Department is using a cloud-based records management and moving toward a computer-aided dispatch systems.

The Mayoral Optics of ‘Small Business Saturday’

The annual event is usually a great way to connect with the community. But was D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s choice of where to kick things off a good idea?

The Next Fight to Expand Voting Has Already Begun

Before the 2016 race ends, advocates for automatic registration are already eyeing new efforts in Illinois, Nevada, and elsewhere.

D.C.’s Foster Care App Illustrates the Importance of a Mobile-First Mentality

Many government agencies shy away from mobile apps, but the District of Columbia's Child and Family Services Agency recognized that’s just what it needed.

‘Resilient Cities’ Look to Address Social Inequality as a Function of Other Environmental, Economic Stresses

Louisville, Kentucky, sees a link between its most pressing problems and poorest neighborhoods, and it’s not alone.

Feds Issue Emergency Safety Directive for D.C. Metrorail

As the FTA continues to rebuke WMATA over safety, the transit agency lays out a difficult—but necessary—plan to make badly needed repairs.

As Denver Hits Transit High, D.C. Digests Its Metro ‘Death Spiral’

New rail lines spark excitement out west, but some aging systems back east are in big trouble.

D.C.’s New 51st State Push; Waco vs. Its Wildflowers

Also in our State and Local weekend news digest: Higher speed limit tradeoffs; Mississippi’s new church “protection” law; and Honolulu’s shopping cart containment proposal.

D.C. Takes Its War on Potholes Mobile

GIS mapping will be used in this year’s “Potholepalooza” to speed up repairs while keeping residents in the loop.