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After Amazon’s HQ2 Retreat, New York State Lawmakers Target ‘Corporate Welfare’

After the collapse of Amazon’s HQ2 deal, New York State lawmakers are preparing bills to curb what they call “corporate welfare.” And they’re not alone.

Smithsonian to Rural Regions: Your Wealth Is in Your Culture

A traveling exhibit will visit up to 165 rural cities across 28 states.

States Should Look Beyond Economic Incentives When Attracting Businesses

COMMENTARY | The executive director of the Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s Office of Economic Development on what state leaders should be thinking about.

Pay May Be Lower in Smaller Cities, But it Can Stretch Further

New analysis highlights salary advantages in small and mid-sized metro areas.

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials

Millennials are already in debt and without savings. After the next downturn, they’ll be in even bigger trouble.

The Innovations of the Creative Class Affect a Rural Area’s Fortunes

A new study measures innovation and shows that when found in rural areas, it is tied to significant presence of the creative class.

Envisioning What’s Next for a Dead Stretch of Downtown Freeway

Akron’s planning director says there’s a chance that what’s now a “concrete trench” could one day become a park.

States Kick Off 2019 With Widespread Economic Growth

ANALYSIS | But the pace of states' economic growth is very different.

West Virginia Bets Big on Plastics, and on Backing of Trump Administration

The state’s leaders want a federal loan guarantee to build a giant chemical storage plant that could cost as much as $10 billion.

Why States and Cities Should Stop Handing Out Billions in Economic Incentives to Companies

COMMENTARY | Recent scandals involving economic development programs in New Jersey, Baltimore, and elsewhere illustrate just what’s wrong with these programs.

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A Nationwide $15 Minimum Wage Could Have Mixed Results

A new report says that a $15 federal minimum wage could help lift low-wage workers out of poverty, but also cause job losses.

Who's Benefitting from U.S. Economic Expansion?

COMMENTARY | Unfortunately, economic growth during the current expansion has neither been deep nor broadly distributed among most Americans.

How Do Rich Neighborhoods Exist So Close to Poor Ones?

The research of the Harvard economist Raj Chetty shows that the scale of inequality is incredibly small.

Hair Braiders Go to Court Over Licensing Requirements

Twenty-seven states do not require licenses for hair braiding, but in Louisiana braiders must complete 500 hours of hands-on training or risk $5,000 fines.

‘Job Density’ Uptick in U.S. Metro Areas is Mainly Driven by Four Cities

Changes in the number of jobs per square mile in nearly 100 large metro areas are presented in new research, which noted that density can help support economic growth.

So Far, Real Estate Dominates a Tax Break Meant for Businesses

Only a handful of people have started investment funds that focus on operating businesses.

The Disparities In Investment Found Across One City’s Neighborhoods

A new study highlights sharp differences in capital flowing to poor and wealthy and minority and white areas in Chicago.

Economists Remain Worried About Slow-Growing Middle Class

By 2017, the number of households still had not recovered to the levels of 2000.