Cancel College

COMMENTARY | Reopening universities will accomplish little and endanger many.

With Caveats, Hopeful News for Preschools Planning Young Kids’ Return

The number of outbreaks at child care centers is low and research shows that children rarely get sick with Covid-19.

I’m a Nurse in New York. Teachers Should Do Their Jobs, Just Like I Did.

COMMENTARY | Schools are essential to the functioning of our society, and that makes teachers essential workers.

‘This Push to Open Schools Is Guaranteed to Fail’

COMMENTARY | It is time to stop pretending. Our children are staying home.

Figuring Out School Bus Routes Is More Complicated Than Ever. Districts Are Turning to Technology for Help.

In places where kids go to in-person school, buses will look different this year as systems deal with the challenges of transporting kids during a pandemic.

States Include Job Training in Reopening Plans

South Dakota will offer free or discounted job training to people who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, one of several states to include employment programs in long-term recovery plans.

Teachers Union Authorizes Strikes Over School Reopening Plans

One of the nation’s largest teachers unions gave its members the green light to strike if school reopening plans make them feel unsafe.

Virtual Learning Means Unequal Learning

Virtual learning is harder for younger, special needs children.

A Government-University Partnership to Train Students as Contact Tracers

Students at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, can learn to be contact tracers and get on-the-job training in pandemic response with the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services.

In Bid to Boost Tech Workforce, University of Florida Develops 'Fastest' Academic Supercomputer

The artificial intelligence-rooted supercomputer, built in part with funding from Nvidia, will be used in AI-centric courses. The university has to hiring 100 new faculty members who are focused on the evolving technology.

It’s Almost Back-to-School Time, and What that Means is Still Uncertain

Many school districts are now adopting plans to start the year virtually, putting off in-person learning until coronavirus cases decline.

Word Count Program Helps Expand Early Childhood Language Exposure

The Providence Talks program expanded to five cities, where educators are working with parents to increase the number of words per day that their children hear.

Trump Administration Rescinds Rule Banning International Students from Country if Only Taking Online Classes

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Hawaii extends travel quarantine mandate, but relaxes it for college students ... Massachusetts sues ride-hailing companies ... New York governor releases memorable Covid poster.

The Truth About What Happens Next for Colleges

Howard University and the UC system are returning to “hybrid” teaching, bringing some students back to campus. Their leaders explain their plans.

Budget Stress Presents Added Obstacle for School Reopening

School districts face extra costs to safely bring back students after shutting down due to the coronavirus. At the same time, the outbreak is pressuring state and local government budgets.

State Attorneys General File Lawsuit Over Student Visa Policy

Eighteen attorneys general are challenging a new Trump administration directive that would force international students to leave the U.S. if they are not taking in-person classes in the fall.

Dribble, Don't Spit: University Debuts New Saliva-Based Covid Test

The test is free for students, faculty and staff at the University of Illinois, where it was developed. Results are available in 24 hours, but it's unclear whether testing would be mandatory.

Job Prospects In Cities Dim For Workers Without College Degrees, Study Finds

The research shows an erosion of middle-income jobs for this group of workers between 1980 and 2015, which has been particularly devastating for those who aren’t white.

Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought

COMMENTARY | Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure.