Parents Are Biased Against Even Quality ‘Urban’ Schools

Many of these schools are improving, but the persistent stigma against them contributes to segregation.

Considering Diversity in Snow-Day Decisionmaking

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A giant middle finger sculpture rises in Vermont … Wash. Gov. Jay Inslee’s “clean energy smart deal” … and speeding up N.Y.’s sluggish subways.

A Guarantee of Tuition-Free College Can Have Life-Changing Effects

A mailer sent to low-income students with that promise led to a major jump in enrollment at the University of Michigan, according to a new study.

The Charter-School Teachers’ Strike in Chicago Was ‘Inevitable’

The move could signal a shift in the long, contentious relationship between teachers’ unions and these privately run schools.

The Students Suing for a Constitutional Right to Education

A new federal complaint with a unique argument accuses the state of Rhode Island of failing to provide students with the skills they need to participate effectively in a democracy.

With Teacher Sexual Misconduct, Making Sure ‘Bad Apples Get Weeded Out’

2018 NAVIGATOR AWARD WINNER | Tara Bergfeld, principal legislative research assistant, Tennessee Comptroller’s Office

The Future of Work Requires We Rethink Public Policy

COMMENTARY | Washington has not adequately modernized federal laws; that leaves state and local leaders, who are uniquely positioned to help bridge the gap between public policy and sustainable work for families.

Young and Homeless in Washington, D.C.

Young adults who find themselves homeless often require a different approach and set of services. Urban Institute's Serena Lei looks at the issue in the nation's capital and beyond.

Poorer High Schools Offer Less College Prep, Report Finds

Analysis from the federal government found that high-poverty schools were less likely to offer classes that adequately prepare students for college.

Kids Aren't Getting Much Exercise

Children in some states scored better than others in engaging in physical activities, a report finds. National guidelines recommend kids engage in active play or exercise at least an hour a day.

Feeling Heat From Anti-Vaccine Parents, State Pulls Immunization Education Program

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | N.Y. Gov. Cuomo heads into deteriorating tunnel … San Francisco accounting errors … and ACLU sues judge over countywide homeless camp ban.

3 Data Snapshots That Take the Pulse of the ‘Heartland’ States

Looking at indicators of the economy, health and human capital across 19 states in the middle of America.

Where Job Prospects Improve for Those With a College Degree

There are more college-educated Americans than jobs requiring that level of education, according to the Urban Institute.

Outgoing Colorado and Ohio Governors Riff on Economic and Education Policy

Govs. John Hickenlooper and John Kasich appeared together at an event focused on “forgotten Americans.”

States Helping Disabled Students Move to Work Despite Unclear Federal Funding, Report Says

There's widespread confusion over which programs are reimbursable, according to the federal Government Accountability Office.

Studies: Arming Teachers Is Likely Not an Effective Deterrent for School Shootings

Evidence suggests that civilians would be unlikely to effectively counter-attack an active shooter, according to a review of studies on violent attacks for the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

Teacher Pay Lags Badly Compared to Other Jobs, Study Finds

New research shows public educators face a growing “compensation penalty.”

Back-to-School Time Means Kids Are Back to Breathing Their Parents’ Auto Exhaust

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Tropical Storm Gordon moves onshore … Chicago mayor’s big re-election news … a big test for Denver’s new wireless alert … and Maine files Medicaid expansion plan.