Washington Schools Work on Meal and Child Care Plans For Extended Closure

The state is shuttering all of its K-12 schools for about six weeks beginning on Tuesday as part of efforts to combat the new coronavirus.

States Order Widespread School Closures to Blunt Coronavirus Spread

Across the country, governors are increasingly ordering school closures and bans on large gatherings as state and local governments work to slow community spread of the virus.

Open or Close? Schools Grapple with Coronavirus Decisions

While some school districts may have the resources to hold virtual classes during closures, others worry about meeting students’ basic needs if classes are cancelled.

A State Could Require Schools to Play the National Anthem Weekly

An Alabama lawmaker said he decided to sponsor a bill after noticing that schools did not play the anthem at all sporting events.

With Big Spending on School Board Races, A State Lawmaker Seeks to Cap Contributions

Colorado currently does not have any limits in place for individual donors giving money to local school board candidates.

Proposed Missouri Bill Targeting Children’s Books Could Land Librarians in Jail

A bill proposing parental review boards to identify “inappropriate” sexual material in children’s books would impose hefty fines—or even jail time—on librarians who don’t comply with their decisions.

School Closures Can Hit Rural Communities Hard

COMMENTARY | The demise of local schools can also lead to the closure of local businesses and expedite population losses.

What Happens When Community College Is Made Free

COMMENTARY | Free community college would increase the number of people graduating with associate degrees, but it would also likely decrease the number of people completing bachelor’s degrees.

Don’t Toss That E-Cig: Vaping Waste Is A Whole New Headache For Schools And Cities

In Boulder, Colorado, school custodians are dealing with vaping litter, while city staffers are trying to educate people about not just dumping e-cigarette components in the trash.

When Schools Try to Tweak Winter Break, Families Fight Back

Controversies over minor changes show how invested parents are in the end-of-year school calendar.

How to Save a Dying Language

The Hawaiian language nearly went extinct. Now it’s being taught in dozens of immersion schools.

How One State Seeks to Help Parents with Early Child Development

In Alabama, parents can jump online to learn how to play and chat with their children in ways that encourage healthy development.

Some States Move Toward Financial Aid Based on Need Rather Than Merit

Merit aid programs tend to benefit wealthy white students.

Many States Now Require Anti-Bullying Training That Includes a Focus on LGBTQ Students

COMMENTARY | 21 states explicitly prohibit bullying on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Why Rhode Island’s Governor Is Taking Over Providence’s Public Schools

The city’s schools have been failing for decades. The state believes it can fix them by stepping in.

As the Strike Approached in Chicago, Teachers Taught Labor

“I asked the kids, ‘Do you want to know what we’re fighting about?’” said one teacher. They did.

The States Where Public University Tuition Rates Rose the Most After Big Budget Cuts

Tuition rates at four-year public colleges climbed 37% over the last decade as states have slashed education funding.

A Teenager Needed a Tampon. When Her School Didn't Have One, She Called Her Legislator

A Pennsylvania teen teamed up with a state representative to write legislation that would require schools to provide free pads and tampons for students.

An Attempt to Resegregate Little Rock, of All Places

A battle over local control in a city that was the face of integration shows the extent of the new segregation problem in the U.S.

The Legislative Push to Bring Back Cursive

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are seeking to mandate cursive handwriting education in schools—part of a growing state trend.