Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought

COMMENTARY | Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure.

Parents Can’t Wait Around Forever

We need to know the facts about kids and COVID-19. Now.

A Proposal to Exempt Schools from Civil Lawsuits if Students are Exposed to Covid-19 on Campus

A bill in Louisiana would shield K-12 schools, colleges and universities from many lawsuits from teachers and students who are exposed to the coronavirus on campus.

Rhode Island Moves to Remove ‘Plantations’ From Official State Name

The full name of the country’s smallest state, “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,” will be changed on official documents to remove the words that have an association with slavery.

One State's Request to Pause Standardized Testing for Students

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said this week he would request a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education for standardized testing in the coming school year, citing disruptions and budget shortfalls from the coronavirus pandemic.

After George Floyd, Some School Districts Cut Ties With Police

Minneapolis and Portland have ended contracts with city police departments.

State and Local Public Workforce Hit With Thousands More Job Losses

The downbeat figures came as the unemployment rate overall showed signs of improvement in May after skyrocketing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Could Be End of Line for Some Regional Colleges

Some of them were struggling even before the pandemic hit.

College Students Want Their Money Back. It’ll Be Tough to Get It.

There are at least 100 closure-related suits filed against colleges and universities in federal and state courts.

This Summer Will Scar Young Americans for Life

With jobs and internships canceled, Generation Z is entering a summer of uncertainty—and the damage could last forever.

As Virus Keeps Kids From Schools, New Figures Show Millions Lack Home Internet

Meanwhile, a California education official this week said it would take at least $500 million to get students there the computers and internet access they need, and asked the private sector to help.

A Significant Share of Teachers Say They Won’t Return to In-Person Classes if Schools Reopen This Fall

New polling shows both parents and teachers are wary of returning to normal in fall, with almost one in five teachers saying they would leave their job if asked to return to the classroom with students.

The Nightmare That Colleges Face This Fall

University presidents are scrambling for answers on everything from on-campus housing to revenue-generating sports.

With Traditional Rites of Passage on Hold, High School Principals Find New Ways to Honor Graduating Seniors

Prom and graduation are canceled because of coronavirus, but high school principals across the country are working to make sure that seniors still feel special.

One Governor's Plan to Provide Free Tuition to Essential Workers

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's proposal would offer a "tuition-free" pathway to post-secondary education to grocery store employees, delivery people and sanitation workers, as well as health care workers on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ready or Not, Schools Shift to Full-Time Virtual Learning

In many of the districts closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, school officials are trying to figure out how to connect students while they prepare online lesson plans.

A School on Navajo Nation Stayed Open. Then People Started Showing Symptoms.

The federal government has released little information about the spread of coronavirus in Navajo schools. Now, some students and school staff are sick with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

States Can Ask to Use Existing Federal Education Funds for Remote Learning Tech

The U.S. Department of Education rolled out a waiver request process that states can use to repurpose existing federal funding to pay for new technology and teacher training associated with online learning.

Schools, Transit, Hospital Funding Included in Senate Coronavirus Bill

Senate leaders agreed on a package that includes $340 billion for relief efforts boosting schools, hospitals and state and local governments, as well as a $150 billion fund specifically to help states and localities fight the pandemic.