San Francisco Voters to Decide on Taxing Companies With Outsized Executive Pay

Local elected leaders are sending the tax plan to the ballot, citing concerns about equity and the large hole that the coronavirus has blown in the city's budget.

The Postal Service Is Steadily Getting Worse—Can It Handle a National Mail-In Election?

Postal delays and mistakes have marred primary voting, and after years of budget cuts and plant closures, mail delivery has slowed so much that ballot deadlines in many states are no longer realistic.

Report Says States’ Age Limits on Absentee Voting Are Unconstitutional

Seven states that require voters to provide an excuse in order to vote by mail allow older voters to cite their age as a reason to vote absentee.

What States Can Learn from Tuesday’s Election Mishaps for November

Some states that tried to transition to primarily mail-in elections Tuesday saw problems, including long lines at polling places and requested absentee ballots that never made it to voters.

Pandemic, Civil Unrest Complicate Voting in the Nation’s Capital

Washington, D.C. is among the jurisdictions that encouraged residents to vote by mail to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, but voters who came out to the polls Tuesday still encountered long lines.

The Forgotten Governor’s Race

The pandemic has silenced the campaign to lead North Carolina, a major presidential swing state.

States Struggle to Get Vote-by-Mail Plans Ready in Time

Many states delayed their primaries to give election officials more time to prepare, but quickly overhauling procedures comes with real challenges. What will it all mean for the November elections?

Postal Service's Struggles Could Hurt Mail-In Election

Voting rights advocates worry about Trump's postmaster general pick.

The Cost of an Election Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

A new report lays out some of the costs associated with actions states are taking to protect voters and poll workers from the spread of the virus.

States Postpone Elections, Explore Options for Mail-In Voting

Traditional polling places could be hazardous during a time when people are supposed to keep their distance from one another. But one expert says many states won’t be able to swiftly transition to mail-in systems.

Ohio Orders Polls Closed, While Others Hold Election Primaries Amid Outbreak

After a judge denied Ohio’s request to postpone the state’s primary elections, the governor announced an emergency order to close polls on Tuesday. Arizona, Florida and Illinois are taking extra precautions to keep voters safe at the polls amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Louisiana to Delay Presidential Primaries Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The move will make the state the first in the nation to delay elections as a result of the outbreak.

The Chaos Coming for the U.S. Election

COMMENTARY | The Supreme Court will soon hear two cases that could upend the entire Electoral College system just months before voters go to the polls.

How LA’s Election Innovation Fell Short

Long lines and computer glitches dogged Los Angeles’ highly anticipated voting system.

West Virginia Scraps Voatz Mobile Voting App

The West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office announced it would use a different electronic absentee voting technology after researchers raised security concerns with the previous voting app it had used.

Our Blind Spot on Election Security

COMMENTARY | Election infrastructure is unprotected from a serious risk: the insider threat.

For Small County Governments, Tackling Cybersecurity Basics Can Go a Long Way

The local governments can face unique challenges when it comes to protecting their computer systems from threats.

Federal Court Rules Against State Law Requiring Ex-Felons to Pay Fines and Fees Before Voting

The appeals court found the law created an unconstitutional penalty against people who can’t afford to pay certain financial obligations, but have served the rest of their sentences.

Researchers Find Security Flaws in Mobile Voting App

Hackers could detect how people voted and potentially change their votes on the Voatz mobile voting app tested by West Virginia and jurisdictions in Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Washington.

With Big Spending on School Board Races, A State Lawmaker Seeks to Cap Contributions

Colorado currently does not have any limits in place for individual donors giving money to local school board candidates.