17 States Move to Block EPA Weakening of Fuel-Economy Standards

"States joining California in this suit are part of a broader movement of states, cities, and businesses that are driving down emissions without any help from Washington.”

Solar Designation Program Taps 200th U.S. Community

SolSmart’s 200 designees are located in 35 states and the District of Columbia, encompassing more than 59 million Americans.

San Francisco’s 100,000 Light Bulb Giveaway

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mississippi governor orders county-owned bridges closed … Kentucky’s new pension law … mapping Alaska’s thawing permafrost … and N.Y.C., Salt Lake City selected for wireless research testing.

Utilities Are Paying Their Customers to Buy Electric Vehicles

With few alternatives, utilities are spending their money—and carmakers’ cash—to get people hooked on batteries.

North America’s Largest Transit System Is the Acid Test for Electric Buses

“There really has been a convergence of factors over the last four or five years that has made this a really good time for New York to jump in,” according to Proterra's chief commercial officer.

Billions From VW Settlement Boost Push to Clean Vehicles

States can spend as much as 15 percent of their payout to subsidize construction of public charging stations for electric cars.

One Chinese City Has More Electric Buses Than All of America’s Biggest Cities Have Buses

The transition away from transit powered by fossil fuels is happening at a slower pace in the U.S. and Europe.

Elon Musk and Puerto Rico’s Governor Want to Rebuild the Island’s Grid the Tesla Way

Can Puerto Rico build a state-of-the-art, renewable, distributed electric system better prepared to take on the needs of the island, and any future disasters?

Should Utilities Build Charging Stations for Electric Cars?

There's a broader debate about whether charging stations need to be built to create a market for electric cars, or vice versa, and whether the money should come from electric customers, private charging station companies or automakers.

Solar Eclipse Will Test Stability of California’s Power Grid

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Oregon city asks people not to use eclipse glasses it gave away; Boston police praised for keeping the peace; and an Idaho lawmaker says an Obama plot for Charlottesville violence is “completely plausible.”

How Giant Batteries Can Help Reduce Emissions

Plugging batteries into the electrical grid may be the solution states are looking for to meet their renewable energy goals.

Google's New Product Puts Peer Pressure to a Sunny Use

The company’s “Project Sunroof” now shows you which of your friends have already put solar panels on their roof.

Setting a High Renewable Energy Goal, Can Chicago Catch Up With Las Vegas?

In the nation’s third-largest city, municipal buildings accounted for 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2016.

Why Should Only the Wealthy Get Solar Panels?

The District of Columbia has embarked on an aggressive clean-energy plan, but a big challenge will be making sure it doesn't worsen existing inequalities.

This Ohio County Is Going All-In on Local Energy Generation

By introducing personal choice into the energy purchasing equation, Athens County is empowering residents to reduce their consumption.

Coal’s Decline Has Knocked a Big Chunk of Revenue From This County’s Budget

“It was a tremendous thing to get the coal severance tax,” said the chairman of the Wise County, Virginia Board of Supervisors. “That's all but gone now.”

How Colorado’s Energy Revolution Continues to Take Shape

As the shift away from coal continues, “pay attention to the activity in the states, because that’s where the primary activity is,” says former Gov. Bill Ritter.

New York Wants to Put a Virtual Power Plant on 300 Rooftops

This $15 million pilot, part of New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision, seeks to transform these distributed solar power into single source of electricity.