Has the 'Ferguson Effect’ Finally Been Debunked?

Two sets of data out this week poke holes in the popular theory.

Ferguson Accepts Police and Court Reforms

City Council unanimously reversed its stance toward the U.S. Department of Justice’s changes, avoiding a pricy legal battle in the process.

Greater St. Louis Is a Modern-Day Debtors' Prison

Black residents end up behind bars for failing to pay parking tickets, court fees, and other petty municipal citations.

Another Blow to the Overarching ‘Ferguson Effect’ Theory

A new University of Colorado-Boulder study found urban crime remains low.

Ferguson Releases Draft DOJ Agreement Meant to Guide Policing, Court Reforms

The city is seeking public feedback in advance of an expected City Council vote on Feb. 9 on whether to proceed with the consent decree.

Revisiting the 'Ferguson Effect' on Policing

Recent events conflict with the claims of researchers and law enforcement officials that cops are afraid to do their jobs due to their portrayal on social media.

Ferguson’s Credit Rating Lowered to Junk By Moody’s

The downgrade comes as the Missouri city faces litigation and federal scrutiny stemming from last year’s police shooting of an unarmed black teen.

Ferguson Fallout Leaves States Struggling With Court Debt

Insufficient data and the need to raise revenue impede states' efforts to reform local court fines and fees.

Ferguson's Municipal Courts Overhauled by Judge's Order

Nearly 10,000 cases are affected after he announced the withdrawal of all warrants issued before 2015.

Ferguson's Fragile Housing State

Recovery is lagging behind the county's, state's and nation's.