Two GOP Governors, 15 AGs Urge Supreme Court to Hear Gun Case

A New York City law that restricts the transport of licensed handguns is at issue.

Studies: Arming Teachers Is Likely Not an Effective Deterrent for School Shootings

Evidence suggests that civilians would be unlikely to effectively counter-attack an active shooter, according to a review of studies on violent attacks for the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

After Parkland, States Pass 50 New Gun-Control Laws

This was a year of unparalleled success for the gun-control movement in the United States.

Limits on Federal Gun Research Spur States to Step In

The lack of federal funding for gun-related research leaves policymakers without basic information that would help inform policy decisions. Some states are filling the gap.

Sessions Vows to Defend Presidential Powers Against State Legal Actions

The U.S. attorney general also addressed forthcoming bump stock regulations, immigration, opioids, and ‘prioritizing crime and criminal justice enforcement.’

Gun Safety Looms Over Governors' Trump Meeting

While GOP governors plan to discuss solutions, despite disagreeing on which ones, some Democratic governors suspect the issue will become another ‘bargaining chip’ for the White House.

Are Chicago's Party Buses 'Rolling Cemeteries'?

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Massachusetts to dismiss 21,587 drug convictions; 27 million SoCal trees threatened by beetle; Florida senator apologizes for racist remarks

How Stockton Is Using Predictive Policing to Thwart Violent Gun Crimes

Non-domestic gun violence-related crimes in "forecast zones" decreased 40 to 60 percent month-to-month between March and May of last year.

A Florida Mayor Fights the Gun Lobby

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is taking on the state government over a “super preemption law” he calls a threat to democracy.

State and Local Government Elections: Ballot Initiatives We’re Tracking

Beyond races for the White House and Congress, voters across the nation are considering a wide variety of state and local proposals and initiatives. Here’s our rundown of what’s important to watch ...

Missouri Does Away With Concealed Handgun Permit Requirement; Indiana Plan to Limit Pensions for Employees: Trick Them

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: LinkNYC halts free Wi-Fi due to bad behavior; Alaska needs LNG buyers for record public works project; and receding water costs Massachusetts city

K.C. Metro Leaders Blast Missouri Gun Law Overhaul as Veto Override Looms

The NRA is among those pushing for lawmakers to reject Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto.

New Gun Restrictions Signed Into Law in New Orleans

A city ordinance Mayor Mitch Landrieu approved Monday includes penalties for failing to report lost or stolen firearms, along with other provisions.

The Deadliest Month for Chicago in 20 Years

In August, 90 people were killed and 472 shot. The city this year now has more homicides than New York and Los Angeles combined.

A Win for Gun-Control Advocates in 2 States

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to a law in Connecticut that ban assault weapons.

Why Public Pension Funds Are Slow to Divest From Gun Manufacturers

It’s hard for cities to fund public pensions without supporting weapons and ammo manufacturers, even when they want to.

Is America Finally Ready for Smart Guns?

Some gunmakers know how to manufacture smart guns. But they have faced obstacles to selling them—until possibly now.

Will Gun Tax Survive Challenge?

Seattle’s controversial tax on guns and ammunition puts the city at the center of a dispute over whether municipalities can tax firearms or if states alone have that power.