Supreme Court Says Employers Can Deny Birth Control Coverage Due to Religious or Moral Objections

In a 7-2 decision, the court said the Affordable Care Act grants the federal government power to "identify and create exemptions from its own guidelines."

Workers Filed More Than 4,100 Complaints About Protective Gear. Some Still Died.

Since March, thousands of COVID-related complaints regarding health care facilities have poured into the nation’s network of federal and state OSHA offices.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Restrictive Abortion Law

It was the first major abortion case heard by Supreme Court since the addition of two new conservative justices.

California Lawmakers Block Health Care Cuts

To address the estimated $54 billion deficit in the 2020-21 state budget, the deal relies partly on drawing down state cash reserves and rainy day funds.

Amid Deadly Virus, Advocates Push for Nursing Home Alternatives

Nursing home deaths have critics saying it’s time to rethink the institutional model for elder care. Is that possible?

Medicaid Rolls Surge, Adding to Budget Woes

The pandemic could drive up Medicaid enrollment by 16%.

Covid-19 Can Last for Several Months

The disease’s “long-haulers” have endured relentless waves of debilitating symptoms—and disbelief from doctors and friends.

Senior Citizens in Subsidized Housing Have Been Dying Alone at Home, Unnoticed Because of Coronavirus Distancing

The patchwork system of well-being checks in some of Chicago’s public and subsidized housing was not enough to prevent deaths in heartbreaking circumstances.

California AG Seeks More Power To Battle Merger-Hungry Health Care Chains

Now that COVID-19 has slammed the health care industry, especially the small practices that are barely seeing patients, California is likely to see a lot of health care system mergers.

Experts Question Whether Dental Offices Are Reopening Too Fast

Providers and patients alike are eager for dental services to resume. But experts worry about the risks of Covid-19.

The Chronic Conditions That Make Coronavirus More Deadly Are Not Equally Spread Across the U.S.

Pre-existing health conditions like hypertension and heart disease—which can make Covid-19 more difficult to overcome—are more prevalent in certain regions.

Medicaid Providers At The End Of The Line For Federal COVID Funding

State Medicaid directors say that without immediate funding, many of the health facilities that serve Medicaid patients could close permanently.

The Hidden Crisis: Caring for Vulnerable Adults at Home During the Coronavirus

COMMENTARY | Faced with fears of contagion and shortages of personal protective equipment, home and community care workers and providers struggle to serve a vulnerable population.

As Congress Weighs COVID Liability Protections, States Shield Health Providers

States are rushing to protect medical professionals from malpractice lawsuits related to coronavirus care.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Opens Criminal Investigations Into Nursing Homes Deaths

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro says he wants to determine if management is at fault for the thousands of residents who have died in his state.

Hospice Care Continues—Without the Human Touch

The pandemic limits the arsenal of customary tools that hospice care workers wield to bring comfort to the dying and bereaved.

As COVID-19 Lurks, Families Are Locked Out Of Nursing Homes. Is It Safe Inside?

More than 10,000 residents and staff at long-term care facilities have died from COVID infections.

Free Clinics Try To Fill Gaps As COVID Sweeps Away Job-Based Insurance

Across the country, the need for free and charity clinics has grown as people lose their job-based insurance and struggle to pay their bills.

Wait Times Remain Stubbornly Long in Hospital Emergency Rooms

COMMENTARY | The COVID-19 pandemic shows just how important a well-functioning emergency medicine system is.

Medication Shortages Are the Next Crisis

COMMENTARY | The frequency of alerts and the number of drugs in undersupply are shocking developments in a rich country.