With U.S. Borders Closed by Covid-19, How Will I Afford Insulin?

COMMENTARY | The Covid-19 response has choked off medical tourism — and exposed the broken nature of the U.S. pharmaceutical system.

Many Health Providers on Brink of Insolvency

Providers miss the money from elective procedures.

One State Will Use Medicaid Funds to Pay Bonuses to Long-Term Care Workers

Arkansas received federal approval this week to use up to $55 million in Medicaid funds for weekly bonuses for frontline health workers in long-term care facilities.

Insurers Sank Connecticut’s ‘Public Option.’ Would A National Version Survive?

The health insurance industry’s fear: If the average American could weigh a public option against commercial plans on the market, they might find the latter wanting.

Medical Groups Slam Trump Medicaid Rule

A new Medicaid rule could put hospitals in peril of closing, particularly rural hospitals that already are shuttering at unprecedented rates.

The Solution to Soaring Drug Prices? A Public Option for Pills

COMMENTARY | With public opinion of Big Pharma near an all-time low, it’s time for the government to enter the generic drug business.

Millions of Americans Rely on Crowdfunding for Medical Expenses

A new survey estimates that 20% of adults in the U.S. have donated to a crowdfunded medical campaign.

The Youngest Children Are Falling Out of Health Insurance

Kids need at least 14 doctor visits by age 6, pediatricians say.

New Hampshire Reconsiders Opioid Prescription Rules Amid Fears Chronic Pain Patients Are Suffering

A bill before the New Hampshire legislature would clarify that opioid prescribing guidelines shouldn’t dictate care for chronic pain patients.

Some Nonprofit Hospitals Aren’t Earning Their Tax Breaks, Critics Say

Half of all charity care in Chicago falls to one health system.

Preeminent Hospitals Penalized Over Rates Of Patients’ Injuries

Under the law, Medicare is mandated each year to punish the quarter of general care hospitals that have the highest rates of patient safety issues.

States Move to Protect Anesthetized Women from Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams

The controversial practice is condemned by major medical organizations, but still legal in most states.

Why Home Health Care Is Suddenly Harder To Come By For Medicare Patients

Home health agencies across the country are grappling with a significant change in how Medicare pays for services.

Rural America’s Health Crisis Seizes States’ Attention

Many states are focused on making improvements, both large and small, to address health care problems in rural areas.

Is the Medication You’re Taking Worth Its Price?

The quality-adjusted life year (QALY) seeks to determine the value of health care treatments. Some patients are wary.

Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Dream Comes True in Kansas

A Democratic governor coaxed a Republican legislative leader into backing Medicaid expansion after years of opposition. Could this be a model for Washington?

More States Considering a Cap on Insulin Costs

A new bill in Washington is similar to legislation passed in Colorado last year.

In Reversal, Counties and States Help Inmates Keep Medicaid

The number of states making it easier for inmates to reactivate benefits has tripled.

With Encouragement From Trump, States Move Forward on Importing Drugs

Number of states in past five years to consider drug importation: 33.

South Carolina Becomes First Non-Medicaid Expansion State to Enact Work Requirements

The state says it will boost people out of poverty. Critics say thousands will lose coverage.