Measuring Results of Early Childhood Spending

Finding more resources to help struggling populations “needs to be reframed as an economic imperative, even a national security issue.”

Should the Government Guarantee Everyone a Job?

An old idea for preventing poverty and fighting recessions is gaining traction once again.

Robocalls Jam MNsure Call Center; Alabama Gov.: ‘Our Education System Sucks!’

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Demolition begins on plutonium facility; more layoffs in Maine’s paper industry; Washington county tracks down unlicensed pet owners.

Cities, States Fight Veteran Homelessness

One non-profit CEO: “The greatest hurdle here isn’t the outreach and the motivation, it’s in finding suitable housing,”

How Minnesota Returns Nursing Home Patients to Their Communities

The state’s pocketing $20 million over five years, and those eligible can hold on to their savings.