The Fight to Recruit and Retain Paramedics

The EMT shortage is difficult to quantify, but agency officials agree it's an issue across the country.

Cities Are Losing Ground in the Fight to Protect Workers

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, corporations are increasingly using forced arbitration to undermine state and local worker protections.

Federal Court Rejects State Worker Collective Bargaining Challenge

A childcare employee who brought the case tied her argument to last year's Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME.

Town Can Prohibit Union's Inflatable Rat Display, Appeals Court Rules

Grand Chute, Wisconsin didn't violate the Constitution when it ordered a union to remove "Scabby the Rat" from a road median.

L.A.’s Teachers Got What They Wanted—For Their Students

The strike showcased unions' strategy of advocating not just for their members but also for better resources for schools.

Teacher Pay Lags Badly Compared to Other Jobs, Study Finds

New research shows public educators face a growing “compensation penalty.”

Conservative Group Suggests More Requirements for Public Sector Unions

Several states have passed laws requiring public sector unions to "recertify" their membership ahead of collective bargaining, which proponents say is "about democracy." Critics counter it is an onerous burden for unions.

New Battleground Emerges Over State, Local Government Union Fees

Workers are seeking refunds after a recent Supreme Court ruling. The legal wrangling threatens to ensnare states and localities.

Public Worker Unions Brace for Fallout From Court Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that fees the unions have been able to collect in over 20 states are unconstitutional.

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Supreme Court Decides Against Public Worker Unions in Fee Case

The 5-4 decision found that charging non-union employees "agency fees" is a First Amendment violation.

Automation Presents Workforce Challenges—and Opportunities

“Technology will displace workers from some, and potentially many jobs...but we have no reason to think technology will eliminate work in the economy as a whole,” said John Schmitt, vice president of the Economic Policy Institute.

Public Service Reformers to Unions: Get On Board

Civil service reform is vital, but “it can only be done with the cooperation of the unions.”

State and Local Daily Digest: Boston Mayor’s Adele Parody Video; W.Va. Mayor Is a Texas Fugitive

Also in our news roundup: S.C. public shooting club; California beer import tax; and Hawaii’s failed Uber, Lyft measure

Employment Rates Creep Closer to Pre-Recession Levels

Nationwide, an average of 77.2 percent of prime-working-age adults were employed in 2015, up from lows of about 75 percent after the 2007-09 recession.

N.Y.C. Fire Union Spars With City Over Response Time Metrics

The Uniformed Firefighters Association says the department is prominently displaying “discredited” statistics on its website, while others that show longer average response times are more difficult to find.

Check Out Route Fifty’s State and Local Government Management Challenges Survey Results

Our new survey of government leaders finds hiring difficulties, funding red tape and cash-strapped technology budgets among the top 2016 management challenges for agencies.

The Human Capital Challenge Facing State and Local Governments

Workforce issues are a top concern, according a new survey from Route Fifty and the Government Business Council.