Triage and Response Lessons From the Las Vegas Shooting

Emergency Management Administrator Carolyn Levering shares key takeaways from how local agencies dealt with the mass-casualty event.

Nevada Fears Loss of Chinese Gamblers If Trade War Escalates

Beijing sees your tariffs and raises you its high-stakes baccarat players.

Human-Driven Truck Hits Self-Driving Shuttle in Las Vegas

“The shuttle just stayed still. And we were like, it’s going to hit us, it’s going to hit us. And then it hit us,” according to one of the passengers.

Where Buying Marijuana Is Legal, But There’s Nowhere to Smoke It

Although some lawmakers have tried, no state legislature has yet carved out rules for cannabis lounges, cafes or tasting rooms.

The Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History

A gunman opened fire during a country-music show at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 200 more.

Southern Nevada Has a Plan to Predict the Likelihood of Traffic Incidents 2 Hours Early

“We’re coming to the point where we’re going to have smart cars on dumb roads,” WayCare's CEO said.

Las Vegas Begins Its Smart City Push

Starting with sensors at 10 intersections, Nevada’s largest city plans to grow out its IoT infrastructure and data-gathering operation to encompass its entirety by 2025.

A Big Obstacle in Making the Future NFL Stadium Work in Las Vegas

Can “soft and spoiled” Raiders fans in Nevada change their expectations about parking?

A Different Kind of Needle Exchange in Las Vegas: Vending Machines

This new project is different from all other harm-reduction programs in many ways except for the one that counts the most.

Nevada Judge Dismisses Trump Request for Poll Worker Names in Early-Voting Dispute

Las Vegas-area elections officials let early voters already in line cast their ballots after deadline, to the Republican campaign’s frustration.

High Housing Costs Driving Population Shifts?

Some parts of the country where housing costs are high aren’t growing as fast as they once were, while more people are moving to areas where it’s more affordable to live.

How Las Vegas Is Getting Results From Its Focus on Data-Driven Decisionmaking

In a guest article, the city manager of Las Vegas details the municipal government’s data-focused approach to address challenges like traffic safety and sustainability.

Is This County’s Regulation of Uber Legal?

Nevada doesn’t think so, and commissioners are thinking twice after catching flack in Las Vegas for catering to the taxi industry.

Following 2016 Vote, Will Nevada Steal Colorado’s Marijuana Tourism?

The prospect of a pot-friendly Las Vegas might steer weed visitors away from the Centennial State.