Local Economies

The Fight Continues Over Paying Enhanced Jobless Benefits Beyond July

Senate Democrats introduced legislation that would extend the $600-per-week unemployment supplement, but Republicans say the size of the extra payment discourages people from returning to work.

How North Carolina Transformed Itself Into the Worst State to Be Unemployed

Across the country, unemployment systems are collapsing under an unprecedented number of claims. But some state systems, like North Carolina’s, have long made it harder to receive unemployment benefits.

A New Jersey City Mandates Business Inspections Before Reopening

Newark created a color-coded permitting system that indicates a business’ level of risk based on its health and safety plan.

State Fairs Are the Latest Casualty of Covid-19

At least 15 states have canceled their annual fairs due to public health concerns amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, while others are moving ahead with modified, pared-down events.

California Lawmakers Block Health Care Cuts

To address the estimated $54 billion deficit in the 2020-21 state budget, the deal relies partly on drawing down state cash reserves and rainy day funds.

Small Business Owners with Criminal Records Sue Over Pandemic Aid Restrictions

Many small business owners with criminal records were shut out of the Paycheck Protection Program, which was designed to keep employees on payrolls during coronavirus lockdowns.

It Didn’t Have to Be Like This

COMMENTARY | The desperation of American workers in the aftermath of the coronavirus was the product of a series of policy decisions and missed opportunities.

As Businesses Reopen, Workplace Testing Is the ‘Wild West’

The lack of government guidance leaves businessowners in a tough spot.

America Is Giving Up on the Pandemic

Businesses are reopening. Protests are erupting nationwide. But the virus isn’t done with us.

COVID-19 Could Be End of Line for Some Regional Colleges

Some of them were struggling even before the pandemic hit.

Small Rural Businesses Fight for Bailout Aid

Unclear federal guidance has deterred many rural business owners from applying for help.

This Summer Will Scar Young Americans for Life

With jobs and internships canceled, Generation Z is entering a summer of uncertainty—and the damage could last forever.

Women Disproportionately Losing Their Jobs During Coronavirus Downturn

Women of color, single mothers, and women over the age of 55 have been particularly hard hit.

Despite Reopening Efforts, Many Americans Are Fearful to Resume Normal Life

Recent polling on people’s willingness to do activities from flying to shopping shows that just because businesses are reopened doesn’t mean people are ready to venture out to them.

Businesses Hoping to Reopen Join the Scramble for PPE

Some states, counties and nonprofits have launched efforts to help businesses find and buy protective equipment.

Nearly Half of U.S. Households Lost Some Income During Pandemic

The findings released by the Census Bureau come at a time Republicans and Democrats in Congress are at odds over an extension of expanded federal unemployment benefits.

14-Day Quarantine Complicates Tourist Rentals

Thirty states, from Maine to Montana, have instituted either a mandatory or recommended 14-day quarantine for visitors.

In an Attempt to Help Struggling Restaurants, Cities Regulate Food Delivery Apps

Several cities have set caps on the commission a food delivery app can take from a restaurant in recent weeks, a measure officials say will relieve some of the burden on struggling local businesses.

A Make-or-Break Moment for Cities

COMMENTARY | The future of America’s urban areas will depend on the help they receive—or don’t—from the federal government.