Local Economies

In State of the Union, Trump Touts Trade Deals, Economic Wins

On the eve of an impeachment vote, President Trump underscored a recent agreement that he said will restore the United States’ “manufacturing might.”

Are State and Local Governments Prepared for the Next Recession?

Two financial experts weigh in on state and local governments’ preparedness for the next recession.

Seeking a More Worker-Friendly Economy, Some States Push Employee Ownership

Ronald Reagan called it “a path that befits a free people.”

For the First Time, a State Will Mandate Severance Pay During Mass Layoffs

Inspired by the closure of Toys ‘R’ Us amid bankruptcy, New Jersey passed a law to protect employees during large-scale cutbacks.

How States and Localities Could Spur More Companies to Share Profits With Their Workers

A new report says profit sharing and employee ownership can benefit both companies and workers, recommending state and local policies to help support these business models.

Buying Lottery Tickets Just Got More Convenient. Maybe Too Convenient.

Selling lottery tickets in the checkout aisle could dramatically boost revenue.

Poverty Grew in One-Third of Counties Despite Strong National Economy

Every state has at least one county where poverty increased since 2016.

Inequality is Higher in Some States Because of Corporate Welfare

COMMENTARY | Corporate tax incentives serve to redistribute funds to the wealthy and reduce resources for broadly redistributive policies over the long run.

Farm Bankruptcies Rise in Over Half of States

Farm debt is also expected to reach its highest ever level in 2019.

Help Wanted: Too Many Jobs and Not Enough Workers in Most States

In 39 states, there are more jobs than people looking for them.

Midwest Cities Among the Worst Places to Live for African Americans

A new report finds that the Midwest has some of the highest racial disparities in the country across factors like education, employment, income, homeownership, and access to healthcare.

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Cannabis Banking Challenges Go Beyond Pot

Banks uneasy about pot money aren’t any happier about hemp.

The Metro Areas Where Economic Output Rivals Whole Countries

Nearly 40 of the world's 100 largest economies in 2018 were U.S. metro areas, figures in a new report show. And it's not just mega-regions that made the list.

Why U.S. Tech Inventors Are So Highly Clustered

New research finds that high-tech inventors are significantly more productive when they work in large clusters—but there are drawbacks.

Where Is the Best City to Live, Based on Salaries and Cost of Living?

Paychecks stretch the furthest in smaller cities for most workers, but techies continue to do best in larger, more expensive cities.

A City-Run Database to Boost Local Arts and Culture

Lafayette, Louisiana is creating a cultural asset database as a way to make it easier to find and connect with local artists, musicians, venues, and others in creative industries.

Where Do College Grads Live? The Top and Bottom U.S. Cities

Even though superstar hubs top the list of the most educated cities, other cities are growing their share at a much faster rate.

Pay May Be Lower in Smaller Cities, But it Can Stretch Further

New analysis highlights salary advantages in small and mid-sized metro areas.

Vermont Needed More Workers. Moving Grants Are Drawing People from Out of State

Vermont officials report sustained interest in the state’s new program to pay remote workers to make a move.