Los Angeles County

L.A.'s Future May Involve More Congestion Pricing and Free Transit Service

There are “three conceivable ways” expanded tolling could work in Los Angeles, according to Metro.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of California Ruling on Lead Paint Remediation

A coalition of cities and counties sued manufacturers under the state’s “public nuisance” law. They have won a $400 million fund to help treat housing.

L.A. Metro Will Deploy Millimeter Wave Scanners in Stations

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | W.Va. governor visits his state’s capital city … breaking ground on the Digital Crossroads of America Data Center … and a mayor’s Twitter tattoo bet.

An Uncomfortable Reminder of Why You Shouldn’t Take Air Conditioning for Granted

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ind. AG defiant as pressure to resign mounts … Maine gov.’s Medicaid expansion veto survives … and the high costs of homelessness services.

Thinking About How to Manage L.A.’s Future Drone-Filled Skies

“When that airspace becomes more complicated, ‘just don’t hit anything’ isn’t going to be enough,” according to Seleta Reynolds, the general manager of the L.A. Department of Transportation.

Drone Cops Take Flight in Los Angeles

The L.A. County Sheriff has deployed a quadcopter drone for rescue and reconnaissance. But will the public accept that these aerial officers come in peace?

De-energized Power Lines Can’t Spark Wildfires

It’s a simple strategy: Let technology tell you exactly when to cut power in weather conditions that can fuel a major blaze. But utilities and regulators still have to learn how to do it right.

Arkansas Tops Most Other States When It Comes to This Connectivity Metric

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Bulletproof glass for a Georgia city hall; Indianapolis revenge shootings; and a small town closes a big legal loophole in its municipal code.

Seeking Justice: ‘Are We Punishing People for Being Sick?’

Addressing mental health in the criminal justice system, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey outlines a "blueprint for change."

L.A. Is Ready to Build Even More Transit. But There’s Always a But.

Projects like completing the long-awaited Westside subway could be way ahead of schedule—assuming federal support will be there.

L.A. County’s Program to Decrease Youth Incarceration

Public works internships teach a trade and skills participants carry with them through life, whether they stay on with the county or not.

Going Where No Street View Has Gone Before

Santa Catalina Island, located southwest of Los Angeles, was a void on maps until a few enthusiasts armed with 360 cameras set about imaging its streets and noting mislabeled addresses.

L.A. Metro Expands Nation’s Largest Clean-Air Bus Fleet With Federal Grant

Compressed natural gas buses have saved Los Angeles County an average of 47 cents per mile on fuel the past 15 years.

Are Taxpayers Willing to Pony Up for Parks?

They were in Seattle and elsewhere. And counties from California to Ohio have proposed parks levies for the November ballot, whether it’s to simply maintain park space or add more in underserved areas.

L.A. Area Faces Powerful Wildfire; Georgia Looks to Fill Hundreds of State Jobs

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: N.Y.C. gets more details about long-term subway closure; and PETA vs. Billings Parks and Recreation

Nation’s Most-Populous County Takes Center Stage

It’s easy to forget just how large Los Angeles is—not the City of Los Angeles, mind you, the County of Los Angeles.

Route Fifty in Long Beach, Calif., for NACo’s 81st Annual Conference and Expo

Starting Thursday, Los Angeles County plays host to the National Association of Counties annual gathering. On Friday, Executive Editor Michael Grass will moderate panel discussions at NACo’s Technology Innovation Summit. Watch it live.

L.A. River Restoration Gets Boost With New Data Resource

A nonprofit releases a new comprehensive aid to planning many aspects of complex restoration effort.

L.A. County Sheriff Is Boosting Metro Security With Prescriptive Analytics

The Armorway platforms AI algorithm generates an unpredictable security plan after predicting what adversaries might do.

Los Angeles Faces Major Funding Challenges for Its Ambitious River Restoration

In order to create vibrant riverside communities, tax-increment financing may be needed to make the bold riparian vision a reality.